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Join us for RSBN’s LIVE coverage from Wildwood, NJ as President Donald Trump holds a Keep America Great rally at the Wildwoods Convention Center.
President Trump is expected to speak at 7:00pm EST

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Not Springsteen, New Jersey Is Trump Country Today: Massive Buzz Over President’s Jersey Shore Rally at Wildwood (Photos, Video)

Avatarby Kristinn TaylorJanuary 28, 2020

Bruce who? The New Jersey shore town of Wildwood has become Trump country as thousands of supporters have taken over the town and businesses post welcoming messages for President Trump for his campaign rally there Tuesday night at the Wildwood Convention Center. Even though the center only holds 7,500, the buzz for the rally is off the charts with ticket requests topping 175,000 and people lining in the winter cold since Sunday. A local reporter said the vibe was like a summertime beach weekend.

The rally is being held while the Senate impeachment trial of Trump continues with the President’s legal team wrapping up their defense of Trump this day. Impeachment has motivated Trump supporters to come out in numbers much larger than the venues can hold at recent campaign rallies in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio to show their unwavering support.

The Trump campaign scheduled the rally as a thank you to Rep. Jeff Van Drew who switched from the Democrat to Republican parties after he voted against the Democrat led House’s partisan impeachment of Trump last month. Trump endorsed Van Drew in an Oval Office meeting when he switched parties.

A local establishment posted Trump rally themed drink specials:

The Trump campaign posted a promo video for the Wildwood rally that is strikingly similar to those produced for big name arena rock shows like Paul McCartney.

Photos and videos from Wildwood:


via The Gateway Pundit