BREAKING: Roger Stone’s Attorney Tyler Nixon Live With Pete Santilli #PardonRogerStone

Posted by on February 12, 2020 10:23 pm

Tyler Nixon, joins Pete Santilli tonight to talk about the story that’s dominating the news – Four US attorneys resign after President Trump and Attorney General William Barr publicly reprimand them for recommending an outrageous sentence of 7-9 years for his client. Tyler Nixon, the attorney for Roger Stone, describes himself as an, Advocate. Activist. Archivist. Technologist. Army Infantry Vet. Classic car tech. Attorney-at-Law. Student of history. Extremist in the Defense of Liberty. 

Mr. Nixon tweeted out earlier today: DOJ prosecutor Michael Marando has withdrawn as counsel for the government. Zelinksy, Jed, Kravis, and now Marando – all gone less than 24 hours after recommending a manifestly unjust prison sentence.  Good riddance to this corrupt partisan manipulator and menace to justice and the due process of law. Craven Kravis was a disgraceful, deceitful drama queen who lied and distorted his way through his and his crony thugs’ malicious persecution of Roger Stone.  Twitter: @TylerPNixon


This afternoon, President Trump made remarks regarding Mueller’s deep state activist prosecutors’ outrageous prison recommendation.  President Trump stated, “Roger Stone was treated very badly…and so were so many other people…their lives were destroyed….”