Posted: June 12, 2020
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COUP UPDATE: General Flynn's Friday Hearing: Very Disturbing On Several Fronts

Initial Response to Flynn Friday Hearing: Obama Judge Is Biased, Trump Judge is Fair-Minded and Bush Judge Thinks It's OK to Keep Case Open After It was Dropped

Check out this post from The Gateway Pundit

It is now clear that Barack Obama turned America into a Banana Republic.

On Tuesday General Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell informed Flynn’s supporters the oral argument in his on-going case will be live-streamed on the DC Circuit YouTube channel. C-Span2 also live-streamed it.

The hearing took place at 9:30 AM Eastern Time on Friday morning, June 12, 2020.

** Here is a link to the DC Circuit YouTube page.

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** You can donate to the General Flynn Defense Fund here.

According to the National Review the three judges in the case are as follows:
The three-judge appellate panel that is considering the mandamus petition and that ordered Judge Sullivan to respond includes Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson, who was appointed to the D.C. Circuit by President George H. W. Bush (after being named to the district court by President Reagan); Judge Naomi Rao, who was appointed by President Trump; and Judge Robert L. Wilkins, who was appointed by President Obama.

During the hearing this morning Obama appointed Judge Wilkins brought up a hypothetical race case.
The Flynn case has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with race!  Judge Wilkins constantly interrupted and challenged Sidney Powell and the US attorney, representing the US Justice Department.

Has The Justice System Been Fair To General Flynn?

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This is the state of the judicial system in our nation’s capital.


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