Posted: July 5, 2020
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Dead In Her Cell: Attorney For Epstein’s Victims Thinks Ghislaine Maxwell Will End Up The Same Way Jeffrey Did

I think everyone in America will be surprised if this is NOT the outcome.  I fear justice in this country is dead.  Hell, there are already 3 sets of rules in America: one for those of us on the right, get out of jail free cards for leftist rioters and no laws for the elite/political class.

Imagine my shock to learn that those closest to the system and these most injured by it feel the same way as I do …

Opinion| Rich Welsh| Ghislaine MaxwellJeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend and pimp extraordinaire, will likely kill herself or “be Epsteined” in jail, a victim lawyer has reportedly predicted — a year after he accurately predicted Jeffrey Epstein’s early demise behind bars.

“I don’t think she is going to get out of jail alive,” Spencer Kuvin, who is a lawyer representing several Epstein victims, told The Daily Mail.

“I said the same thing about Jeffrey Epstein and people laughed at me,” he told the news site.

“I think she knows way too much information — I just have this gut feeling.”

On Thursday, Maxwell was arrested by federal agents on charges she recruited and prepared underage women to have sex with Epstein, is currently being held without bail at Merrimack County Jail in New Hampshire.  Her lawyer should hire a food taster and an independent security force because this woman is a goner.

Experts told the Post Friday that there’s a good likelihood the 58-year old British socialite will be transferred to Lower Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center — the exact same facility where the “official” story says Epstein, the already convicted pedophile, hanged himself last August while awaiting trial for sex trafficking.

Kuvin said there are a few reasons why he feels Maxwell will realize the same fate as Epstein.

“It may be that she can’t handle the fear of what’s going to happen to her and takes matters into her own hands or there will be people who are very afraid of what she has to say,” he said.

Prosecutors on Thursday didn’t rule out the possibility of Maxwell cooperating in their investigation.  That little tidbit of news puts her chances of survival below the 50 percent margin.

Acting US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Audrey Strauss said, “In the event that if she even were to become a cooperator, I think we could deal with that.”

My money’s on the official story will be that she hung herself, and the Democrats in New York will try to once again convince us to ignore the evidence that she was murdered.

There are too many high-ranking people who could be exposed for being creepy, sicko pedophiles, and sex trafficking freaks.

I will tell you think much, if Maxwell does end up dead, this nation is not going to recover without a lot of struggle.

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