Posted: July 14, 2020
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Confused Portland Mayor Blames Trump for ‘Escalating’ Antifa and BLM Riots

Have you ever been overwhelmed because you were in a position you were not qualified and/or experienced for? A mature person in this dilemma, would refocus, go back to basics, ask for more help, and rebuild confidence with those you negatively impacted with your wrong decisions and actions.

Portland, OR, and other cities with inept progressives in charge have emboldened the anarchists, encouraged more homelessness, and in the midst of their policies going south, look to shift the blame to those the “group think” has identified as evil.

In Portland we are watching a social science experiment, based on the ideas that people are basically good, the government should supplement the population so they can pursue their desires, homelessness is a choice and should not be addressed and hard-working people would love to pay high taxes to allow their Utopia to bud for the world to emulate. Since it is not working out, blame law and order President Donald J. Trump.

Portland Mayor: It’s Trump’s fault

Weak Mayor Ted Wheeler’s recent tweet blamed President Donald Trump for “escalating” the already-occurring riots because he was “heavy-handed” in keeping the federal courthouse from getting sacked.

From PJ Media

For 46 nights, downtown Portland has been the scene out of a post-apocalyptic graphic novel with shadowy black-clad, tattooed antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters taking hammers and skateboards to bash-in the windows of banks, public buildings, and the heads of federal officers. But now the Portland mayor says the riots are President Trump’s fault.

The Mark O. Hatfield Justice Center, Portland’s federal courthouse, has been under siege nearly every night by rioters attempting to bash in the doors, set fires, and loot it.

President Trump sent in extra federal agents to defend the building.

The Portland Police Officers Association, which itself has become a target for Antifa, has issued a no-confidence vote in political Portland.

Portland police ‘defunded’ and murders, shootings go up

There’s been an uptick in the murder rate in Portland at the same time the mayor has begun to “defund the police.”

You can sum it all up this way. ANTIFA is a group of misguided, angry, and typically unemployed youth who drink SJW Kool-Aid all day. Portland appears to be on a George Soros list, somewhere, as one to deconstruct, and then construct as a Marxist enclave, one which will never return to a previously free community. Fascism uses intimidation, violence, and suppression of alternative views to create a passive citizenry. One which falls in line and allows their freedoms to be taken, for the sake of the “greater good”. Without an awakening, and a leader like Rudy Giuliani to take over, you can say goodbye to Portland, USA!

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