Posted: August 6, 2020
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President Trump Humiliates Jim Acosta, ‘Fake Reporter,” CNN Swings Back, Misses Badly

Whiny, grandstanding crybaby, and CNN White House correspondent, Jim Acosta has been taken to the woodshed again by President Donald Trump.

Acosta had penned a report for CNN on Wednesday titled “Trump still not grasping the severity of the pandemic, source tells CNN,” which we assume he was talking about.

The story claimed that an anonymous source on the White House coronavirus task force accused the president of not grasping the severity of the pandemic.

“He still doesn’t get it,” the anonymous source allegedly said to CNN. “He does not get it.”

The White House disputed the source’s account of the meeting, with communications director Alyssa Farah saying: “The President is highly engaged on the fight to defeat Covid and well briefed on the virus.”

“He’s leading our nation through this crisis and we’d point to the tens of millions of tests we’ve produced, the massive advancements on therapeutics, and our race toward a vaccine,” she said in a statement.

But the source said Trump’s mood was noticeably less jovial during the meeting. In past task force meetings with Trump, the source said the President appeared to be in a much more jocular mood. That was not the case in the Oval Office on Tuesday evening.

“@CNN has no sources on the Task Force,” the president said. “Their ‘sources’ are made up, pure fiction! Jim Acosta is a Fake reporter!”

The CNN public relations department responded quickly to the tweet by the president in defense of Acosta.

“False. @Acosta is a Real reporter with Real sources who talks to members of your Task Force much more often than you do,” it said.

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