Pro-Abortion Pelosi: “Everything I Do Is For The Children”

Posted by on August 14, 2020 3:03 am

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is crediting her work as being “for the children.”

The pro-abortion lawmaker, however, also advocates for the number one leading death of children today: abortion, which snuffs the lives of nearly 900,000 children a year.

It should also be noted that her advocacy for the black community is called into question, given that black lives are disproportionately ended by abortion compared to other races.

Check this out:

The alleged child advocate also refused to vote against the born-alive bill.

She refers to abortion as “healthcare” even in elective circumstances (which is about 98% of the time.)

She calls is “draconian” when a state exercises its authority to suppress abortion.

But what she’s doing is for the children.

This is not snark.

I am literally reporting the facts.

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