Posted: August 15, 2020
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Video: Lefty Who Sucker-Punched TPUSA Member Last Year, Arrested For Stabbing Husband Bike-Riding with His Wife Repeatedly

California – 30-year-old Zachary Greenberg was arrested on Sunday night. Greenberg is the unhinged leftist that sucker-punched a member of the TPUSA member earlier in the year.

This time he was arrested for stabbing a man multiple times for riding his bike on the sidewalk … with Greenberg’s wife.  Yikes.  Call me crazy, but I think He is a bit too deranged to be let loose out on the street.

The sucker-punch attack of a TPUSA member who was trying to recruit new members was captured on video:


The bike rider said that he and his attacker got into it over riding on the sidewalk.

The assailant then pulled out a folding pocket knife and repeatedly stabbed the man. The victim was taken to the hospital where he required several procedures to repair the wounds. The assailant is a free man but the victim is a prisoner of his injuries.

Is it just me or do there seem to be two sets of rules in this country?  One for leftists who commit crimes, such as assault, rioting, looting etc and another for conservatives?  Maybe I should ask Kim Foxx or Mayor Lightfoot …

Hatmeet K. Dhillon Tweeted:

1/ The same lunatic who sucker-punched @HaydenTWilliams last spring repeatedly stabbed a husband bike-riding with his wife Sunday — and San Mateo County let him out on bail. Knife-wielding man arrested in stabbing reported to be Berkeley suspect’

2/Zachary Greenberg’s free, but his victim’s recovering from multiple procedures & could have died. Why is this violent criminal still free-ranging around the Bay Area? Ask @NancyOMalleyDA1–sixteen months after the incident, her ADA is still “looking at the file.” For what??’

It would have been laughable twenty years ago if you predicted what we now see on the streets of this country. No one would have believed you. This is the first time I am glad to be at the end of my life and not the beginning of it. I can only see things getting worse from here.

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