Posted: August 16, 2020
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Reporter Arrested at Riot in Kalamazoo Michigan, How Media Helps Gossip go Mainstream

A young activist “reporter” was arrested in Kalamazoo Michigan, Saturday, for impeding traffic during what looked like a riot,  just months after graduating from Western Michigan University.

Samuel Robinson posted on Twitter that he had been reporting for MLive, spreading rumors about a gathering that ended up in a violent attack and went viral on social media.

The news organization that Robinson works for, MLive, appeared to stir up a riot with inflammatory rhetoric, meant to anger activists and it is, therefore, questionable if Robinson should get the freedom of Press, for MLive, that will be his defense.

Robinson was reporting from the confusing scene of a physical confrontation between two groups.  Footage shows that he was on the front lines between participants, protestors, and the Police.  It is unclear who the organizers of the original event are, or if they had a permit. No media so far have identified the group who were marching with flags.

As of yet, no one has offered any proof that the march was for the purpose of spreading White Nationalism, yet the headlines insist that is the case.

The march did turn violent.


Robinson calls his own reporting “rumours”. Who was spreading the rumors? Robinson is clearly not just reporting on the facts, he is in fact spreading the rumors.

From the MLive article, ”

First Congregational Church hosted a vigil of anti-racism counter-protesters within the Arcadia Creek Festival Place. The group formed a perimeter around the area, according to MLive reporter Samuel J. Robinson who was on the scene.

Proud Boys, a white nationalist group, is protesting in Kalamazoo. Fights have broken out between opposing groups:

Posted by on Saturday, August 15, 2020

“The Proud Boys, they not only have hatred for Jewish people and Muslim people, but they’re also very hateful of anybody who doesn’t look like them or act like them,” said The Rev. Nathan Dannison, the church’s pastor,” the article read.

Media helps spread the message:

MLive appears to be Robinson’s first professional job out of college according to his Twitter timeline.  And now a few months into his first job he is arrested.

Drone footage:

More footage that looks like Robinson was a part of the conflict:

Another MLive reporter:

Posters on Twitter called the second group “Antifa”:

Twitter promoted the story, calling the group “Proud Boys” referred to the event as:

White nationalists and counter-protesters clash violently in Kalamazoo

Counter-protesters showed up to the site of an organized white nationalist rally in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on Saturday. When the white nationalist group arrived, violence broke out. Police responded to the violence, made arrests and cleared the crowd.”

They failed to mention the radical church pastor who started what Robinson even called “rumors” or that the police arrested the activist/ journalist and set up a perimeter to push back the other group.

The group referred to as “Proud Boys” cleared the space with the Police Order and one group remained to defy police:

Thi story is developing..

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