Posted: August 16, 2020
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Struggle for Freedom in Hong Kong is Important to Trump’s Agenda

After almost a year of pro-America, Pro-Freedom and Democracy protests in Hing Kong, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has made bold movements to assert it’s dominance in the smaller country, by arresting journalists and activists who will not submit to a pro-Communist mindset.

The conflicts in Hong Kong are escalating and this also threatens numerous other countries where Trump hopes to build a strong business and technological union in his pursuit to rid America of the threat of Communism and new threats of connectivity that are inevitable with more and more invasive technology tying America together with China.

Until recently, Huawei, a Chinese company was leading the world in technology that would have caused security disasters for the United States.

Trump is shaking the financial leaders of Hong Kong to make a bold stand for their independence from the Chinese.

The CCP feeling the heat of a failed trade deal between China and the US, and hearing Trump’s announcement that he is no longer feeling friendly toward China like he was before the Pandemic, is pushing back on pro-Trump and pro-democracy movements in sovereign countries they can scare by flaunting their major war powers.

Trump is also strangling the CCP’s attempts to use seize control of Hong Kong, an independent country, to use for their shipments of goods to the US, trying to avoid the sanctions Trump has put on China.

Trump told  Fox News, Maria Bartiromo, last week that he saw his relationship as “good” with the Chinese before they sent the “China Plague” and now he is not supportive of them.

Last week Trump also made a move to pushback on the CCP by saying that all exports to US from Hong will need a “Made in China” label.

In retaliation to Trump, the British backed Hong Police carried out the CCP’s new National Security Law and arrested a major media mogul, Jimmy Lai,  who owns a Pro-Democracy media organization.

The Communist Party is attempting to shut down other Pro-Democracy media in Hong Kong, at the same time there is a grave concern in the country about falling under the control of the Communist Party.

One reporter with the Hong Kong Free Press wrote Sunday,”Since last June, when nearly identical articles about me first appeared in Chinese Communist Party-owned Wen Wei Po and Ta Kung Pao, I have been continually doxxed and defamed by pro-CCP media. I speak as someone who has not had to face nearly as much persecution as many others, but my case illustrates how the whole pro-CCP ecosystem of disinformation, propaganda and oppression works. Its purpose is to sow confusion and create a climate of fear and intimidation.”

Another reporter who covers China and Communism in the region, in a special news presentation on the “De-Chinization” of Hong Kong wrote,”That’s where the heartless CCP can never get #HK right. They don’t understand that there are people who don’t live for money, & who cannot be conquered by fear. They don’t understand,” Jennifer Zeng said. 

Lia’s news organization is hoping that Trump will take a firm stand against the Communist Party, and numerous residents of Hong Kong feel that if Trump is not re-elected in November it will be the end of freedom in Hong Kong.

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