Posted: August 16, 2020
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Tucker Carlson: Democrats ‘Have Decided To Use Our Public Health Emergency As A Political Weapon To Win The Election’ [VIDEO]

On Thursday, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden used the CV-19 virus pandemic to give a message of “power and coercion” Thursday by calling on America’s governors to mandate wearing masks outside at all times, and telling Americans such a move was “not about your rights, but about your responsibilities,” Tucker Carlson argued Friday.

“Joe Biden hasn’t waded too deeply into questions of public policy,” said the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host. “Whatever else Biden may be doing … it’s fair to say he is not running a campaign about ideas. But Biden has made at least one campaign promise so far. He has pledged, if elected, he will force you to wear a mask when you go outside.

“Biden didn’t specify which epidemiological studies would justify a law like that,” Carlson added. “That’s probably because there aren’t any, not a single one. But whatever, Biden’s never been much of a science guy, he’s a lifelong politician. His specialty is not public health, his specialty is power and coercion, so he does what he knows.

“Biden instead demands you forget about your so-called rights as an American and obey his orders, no questions allowed. Otherwise, you’re unpatriotic.”


Carlson pointed out that Biden’s comments represented more proof that Democrats “have decided to use our public health emergency as a political weapon to win the election.”

“Terrified, unhappy populations want change, and that’s welcome news to the party trying to take power. That’s why they are doing it.”

Carlson added that blue state governors have achieved their part to keep citizens terrified and unhappy.  They are taking a risk that making their own constituents as miserable as possible, by blatantly lying to them about the severity of the virus, claiming President Donald Trump isn’t following the “science” when it’s Democrats who are actually ignoring the science, is going to make them blame the president for the problems blue governors and mayors brought to them.

“Thanks to restrictions that are rooted in politics rather than science, children can’t go to school or play with their friends, parents can’t go to work, people can’t get married or attend funerals,” he said. “Human contact has been drastically curtailed.

“These are not small things. They are essential human needs. Without them, we can’t live.”

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