Posted: August 16, 2020
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Video: Multiple People Arrested For Not Wearing Masks in Store, Manager Locks Them In, Called Police (VIDEO)

Is the United States of America REALLY the ‘land of the free and home of the brave?’  Right now that is a tough question to answer in the affirmative.

A free people who have Unalienable rights, which come from God (not government) which include, but are not limited to, Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.

While the ink was still drying on the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, saboteurs and the misguided started working to overthrow our Constitutional Republic, and forcefully, from the inside, to convert us into another Marxist state.

The “CV-19” pandemic has been used by those in power to control the population by limiting their ability to move freely, congregate, and even work.

Dr. Fauci and the team were able to convince the Trump administration and all of America, we were about to lose 2,ooo,ooo Americans, and needed to shut down the most robust economy in world history.

Recently, the death rates dropped significantly and thus states started to re-open. Well, not all states, the progressive controlled states, with the Presidential election coming up, and local churches still not meeting, tyrannically have kept their populations living in fear, regardless of the death statistics.

Some rational Californias finally decided, we need to go back to living like we are Americans, and churches started re-opening back up for needed spiritual support, as an essential service guaranteed in the first amendment.

The problem is, the brainwashed social justice warriors, who now feel empowered, like Hilter’s brownshirts, are physically and verbally assaulting those who reject the tyranny, employees are threatening shoppers and today even locking customers inside their store, holding them until the police arrived … over masks!

From Gateway Pundit

Southern California – Multiple people on Saturday were arrested for not wearing face masks inside of a Mother’s Market in Costa Mesa. A heatwave is currently baking Southern California yet authoritarian officials are still arresting and fining people for not wearing face masks.

According to a woman who was cuffed, the store manager locked her and other maskless individuals in the store and called the police.

How is this even legal?

Over a dozen police officers showed up to the Orange County grocery store to arrest a few people for not wearing masks in public.

Costa Mesa recently threatened to issue $100 fines for being in public without a mask.

“They locked the front door and I was already in the building! And then they locked us in!” the cuffed woman screamed as police escorted her to the cruiser.

Bystanders screamed at police officers: “You support tyranny!”


This is so infuriating and must be fought back against in the non-violent information war.

If fellow citizens, while at work, can physically assault shoppers, or even hold them hostage; aren’t we getting closer to the tranny some of our great grandparents told us about, which caused WW2?

If you think I am overreacting, then so did everyone who saw Mao, Stalin and Hilter’s rise to power, then the subsequent tens of millions who died from Marxism when no one stopped them.

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