Posted: August 16, 2020
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VIDEO: Portland Riots in Neighborhoods, Attacks on White Men, Black Man Yells at White BLM Member About his Weapon

Andy Ngo, a reporter covering Antifa uprisings has been in Portland Oregon for close to two months, covering the violent uprisings there.  Portland has been a national flashpoint for years for a group of anarchists called Antifa. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist group that have come to power after the death of George Floyd in May.

The two groups have joined forces around the country to bring violent protests and civil uprisings to the mostly Democrat-held States, where they have been expanding violence to suburban neighborhoods, something the various Democrat/leftist Community organizers have threatened to do for years, and only recently actually have done.

Saturday, Ngo posted a video of a group of people who were armed with weapons is seen following 3-4 men, hitting him them with bats, calling them Nazis,  at one point and throwing one of the men to the ground.

The group is violently taunting the men, mocking them for running away, while chasing them and hurling substances at them, at one point splashing a liquid at them.

The night was very violent:

One Black resident yelled at a White “Black Lives Matter” member, who was carrying a bat, about his concerns over being blamed for the violent uprising if someone dies:

“I left my gun in the office because I realize what is going to happen, Black people are going to get blamed for that. They are going to sit up here and watch and you are going to hit that guy in the head and crack his skull and Black people are going to get blamed. You might hit him, and kill him. And who will get blamed?”

In another video it appears that the mob is chasing the men through a suburban area, in the background appears to be large homes.

The video was originally recorded by Jorge Ventura Media, a documentary maker, and reporter, who reported Saturday was day 79 of civil disturbances for Portland.

Ventura said that Portland Police fired tear gas after “about 40 mins” and “after 25-30 warnings via LRAD starting at 22:52 PPB responded appropriately to clear the area. Those who wrongfully decided to stay and agitate officers were met with CCMs and force. This should not be a surprise.”

Jorge Ventura Media reported that there was a foot chase through neighborhoods in Suburban Oregon.

Portland has been the focus of Democrats who say that these are peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd and have fought diligently to remove federal law enforcement from the area.

Far-left radicals Mayor and his allies in the local and state governments are allowing these violent riots to happen.

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