Posted: August 17, 2020
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Nebraska Bans Dismemberment Abortion

The state of Nebraska has formally banned dismemberment abortions, which take place in the second trimester of pregnancy and include the dismemberment of the baby’s body in order to extract it.

On Saturday, August 15th, Nebraska Republican Governor Pete Ricketts signed the law on the steps of the state capitol.

Violation of the law can be met with two years in prison and/or fine of $10,000.

During the signature ceremony, Governor Ricketts celebrated the pro-life passage:

“Nebraska is a pro-life state, and this week the Legislature took an important step to strengthen our culture of life.”

Ricketts. tweeted his thanks to all who attended the signature ceremony:

“Thank you to all the Nebraskans who joined us at the State Capitol to celebrate the signing of [senator Suzanne Geist’s] LB814, which bans dismemberment abortion. Nebraska truly is a #prolife state!”

Ricketts has been a long-time abortion combatant. On January 8, 2020, Ricketts released a press statement calling for a day of prayer on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade (Jan 22nd) with the intent to pray for abortion to end.

Ricketts continued in his statement last Saturday, praising Nebraska state senator Suzanne Geist for sponsoring the bill:

“Senator Geist’s bill bans the horrific procedure of dismemberment abortion, which tears apart a living baby’s body limb by limb. This brutal procedure has no place in a humane, civilized society. I commend Sen. Geist, and the bill’s supporters in the Unicameral, for outlawing this barbaric practice in Nebraska.”

The United States Congress has attempted to pass Federal law on dismemberment abortions but has failed to garner the needed amount of votes.

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