Posted: August 17, 2020
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This Letter From Austin Police Officer on eve of Defunding,”They took Everything From You While You Sat in Silence”

Kari Donovan| Austin Texas has now had its police department gutted by the far-left radical Austin City Council who agreed to redirect monies from Public Safety to other purposes by passing a budget that cut nearly $150 million from the Austin Police Department. Millions will be reinvested in services like violence prevention and supportive housing and abortion.

“The Austin City Council has voted to make one of the most substantial cuts to a major city’s police budget since George Floyd’s death, which sparked calls across the country to defund police. In a unanimous vote, the council passed a joint proposal to shrink the police department’s budget by nearly $150 million and reinvest a portion of those funds in services for the community,” the reported.

A heart wrenching personal reaction from an anonymous source that was attributed to an Austin Texas Police Officer surfaced on Facebook.

“The Austin Police Department has been almost completely defunded. There is barely enough to pay for our salary, medical care, and retirement, a letter attributed to an Austin Police officer on Facebook said.

“When you called, we came. When you were being victimized, we stepped in and stopped it. When you were on your last breath, we gave you another and another. As many as it took to keep you alive. We held your child and loved on them when they were scared. We comforted you when your loved ones passed.

We put our lives in harms way when the wolf came for you. When you ran from gunfire, we ran towards it. When you sat trapped in your car, we held your hand until the rescue crew could cut you out. We bought you lunch when others walked by and did nothing. We brought justice to your family when someone was taken from you. We gave you a voice when you had none. We stepped in when you couldn’t protect yourself. We saved your son’s, daughter’s, husband’s, aunt’s, brother’s, and sisters. When we needed you, there was no help and no one came, ” the letter said in part.

Republican Senator from Texas Ted Cruz posted that he saw the defunding of the police department as “Democrats assault on law enforcement.”

Another reaction was that the lack of police would harm more people.

Full Letter is posted here:

DEFUND AUSTIN CITY COUNCIL!From an Austin Police Officer after being gutted today…Dear Community,We have served…

Posted by Christena Anderson Barry on Saturday, August 15, 2020

The rest of the letter:


From an Austin Police Officer after being gutted today…

“When we asked you to stand up and give us a voice, you remained silent. When we were at our lowest, you offered no help. When we were being attacked, you watched from afar. When the time came for you to fight for us, you stayed home and kept silent. (To those who didn’t, thank you.)

The Austin Police Department has been almost completely defunded. There is barely enough to pay for our salary, medical care, and retirement. Now, when the wolf puts a bomb at your doorstep, we won’t be there. When a drunk driver kills your family member, we won’t be there. When your family member is drowning at the lake, we won’t be there. When someone crashes into your car, we won’t be there. When gangs take over your neighborhood, we won’t be there. When you’re assaulted on one of the many trails, we won’t be there. When you’re child is lost, we won’t be there to find them.

We won’t be there because your Austin City Council has shut down almost every unit needed to keep you safe and be there for you. They took everything from you while you sat in silence. They did it for their own personal gain and agenda. They won’t be there for you and made sure we couldn’t either.

Your Guardian,

An Austin Police Officer

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