Posted: August 17, 2020
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Watch as Black Lives Matter Mob in Portland Beats a White Man Unconscious After Causing Him To Crash His Truck [VIDEOS]

A group of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and ANTIFA militant terrorists in Portland forced a white man to crash his truck, then punched and kicked him unconscious, and continued yelling at him, violent footage reveals.

A series of videos on social media reveal the victim being surrounded in his truck at 10:30 pm on Sunday while others attacked his wife, who was punched and even tackled to the ground during the violent spree of attacks.

“He didn’t do nothing!” someone shouted as the animals punched the driver while he was sitting in his truck.



The unidentified driver eventually sped off, with the animals chasing him, some of which could be heard laughing when he crashed into a light pole, as seen in the videos..

He was dragged from his truck and tackled to the ground.  Then, the animals repeatedly punched him as he tried to call to his wife while also pleading with his attackers as he sat down.

“I ain’t tryna hurt no one,” he told them, with the only unexplained accusation heard in the clips being that “CV-19 is real.”

“I was trying to get out the way,” he explained about crashing his truck, while several in the group repeatedly punched him in the face and continually called the white driver the N-word.

Here are ANTIFA street medics (if you can believe that) trying to check out the driver, who is at this point unconscious, while the animals all crowd around them.

Here’s a clip of the wife in the truck crying for her bleeding husband who is lying on the ground unconscious.

Folks, this is all because Democrat mayors and governors have allowed it to happen.  This violent type of behavior could have been stopped at any time from George Floyd’s death right up until now.  But Democrats don’t want to step in an bring back law and order, because they believe the chaos and the violence sends a message to voters that it’s somehow all Donald Trump’s fault.

We are living in an alternate universe now where elected officials allow their own constituents to beat the living hell out of each other.

Is this what you’re going to vote for in November?  If the Democrats with on November 3rd, I guarantee this is just the beginning, because the animals will believe they own the country to do with it what they want.  This is as serious as it gets.  You, the voter, have the power to end this on November 3rd.  Use your vote wisely.  Vote straight ticket Republican, even if you don’t like your GOP rep, Trump needs to be reelected and he needs a Republican House and Senate.  It’s the only way the violence in the streets will be stopped.  Democrats have demonstrated they’re not interested in stopping it.  Show them that you are on Election Day.

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