Posted: August 19, 2020
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Kanye West Talks Sense, says “Jesus Tok” Should Replace the Communist Party’s Platform

A surprising advocate for Christianity and Presidential hopeful, powerful rap artist turned widely popular Christian rocker, Kanye West posted on Twitter about a vision he had to restore the safety of the internet for Christians and children while watching content on the Chinese Communist Party’s platform, Tik Tok.

President Donald J. Trump has been at odds with the CCP and their technology he says is used to spy on Americans through Tik Tok, endangering Americans to the point of corrupting our national security because of the Communist Party’s motivations for the phone ap called Tik Tok.

West made news go viral with the concept of using the technology for wholesome purposes in the following tweet, inspired by the idea of protecting his own daughter’s mind.

“We pray we can collaborate with TikTok to make a Christian-monitored version that feels safe for young children and the world. In Jesus’ name amen.” West wrote on Twitter.

This would be a powerful transformation of the technology for sure.  West suggested that the service could be called “Jesus Tok”

Jesus talks to West.

West has a huge following of dedicated and loyal fans, on Twitter alone, his reach is over 30 Million people, his innovate approach to Christian music is very influential on Americans, and around the world.

West, collaborates with other artists and started a worldwide movement of Christian revival with a traveling music program he called “the Sunday Service” which was West’s interpretation and worship of Jesus through his extensive music experience and his reach, bringing many new believers into the fold.

West’s idea could be a powerful expression of God, especially in these times when both China and now America has seen the Christian church driven underground and into small house gatherings.

Lord You’re Holy Ballin’ !  Christians around the world are united in that idea for sure! If we can’t get back into the church, perhaps we could have “Jesus Tok”.


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