Posted: August 19, 2020
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VIDEO: Massive Weapons Deal as Tensions with the Communist Party Take Off, CCP Threatens with Missiles, so Trump sells Taiwan Radar

Taiwan’s will make their first sale of advanced fighter jets since 1992, with approval from President Donald J. Trump, signaling to many watchers the increase in support to the independent country by the Trump administration which could result in Americans taking sides between them and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), who has been “rattling their sabers” in the region, stirring fears of armed conflicts between nations.

This sale happens at the same time independent Hong Kong is experiencing encroaching demands by the CCP to crackdown on pro- America and Pro-Democracy demonstrations.:

The Epoch Times reported that Taiwan had exposed “Hacking groups” that were linked to the CCP, who had attacked government agencies,  and 6,000 email accounts to steal their data and intellectual property, including their technology.

The Guardian reported that the Communist Party is boasting “a new Chinese weapons system has been unveiled on state media amid growing tensions with Taiwan and the US. Chinese state TV ran reports over the weekend about the Tianlei 500, which translates as Sky Thunder, a 500kg precision-guided munitions dispenser and air-to surface missile. The Tianlei can carry six types of submunitions and attack different targets, a senior engineer said in the report.”

So this was a good time for an upgrade from their old feet of F-16s, some that have a really good radar system.

The F-16 is built with APG-83, a top-line fire control radar allowing precision-guided munitions to be fired at greater distances; hampering the PRC’s efforts to assert air superiority during a potential invasion against Taiwan.

The Daily Caller reported,”The U.S. has long been Taiwan’s largest supplier of military weapons and the deal represents one of the largest in the nation’s history. The move is sure to anger China, which considers Taiwan to be under its domain. Under the contract, Lockheed Martin will produce 90 new-generation F-16s for sale to Taiwan. Taiwan last purchased a fleet of F-16s in 1992, according to the Asia Times.”

Taiwan is now viewed as a highly valuable partner to the United States by the Trump administration, for a unified goal of independence from the Chinese Communist Party and their invasive illegal and corrupt tactics upon free and independent people.  Trump is shown that he, unlike other part Presidents will not allow the Communist Party to take hold over America or our partners.

Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen has repeatedly emphasized Taiwan’s claim to sovereignty since her re-election earlier this year, and in a speech last week welcomed US assistance and announced increased defense spending to improve their capabilities to fend off a land invasion, drawing a rebuke from Beijing.

The CCP may want to rethink making their “sky thunder” while Trump is on office.


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