Posted: August 20, 2020
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Barry Implicated In Sick And Twisted Dehumanization Scandal As Democrat Attorney Confirms Barry Bragged About Using the Photos of Kids in Cages To Strike Fear In Migrants

Steven Ahle|. This week at the Democratic clown show, Michelle Obama perpetuated a lie about children in cages, when it was not only her husband and Joe Biden who built them, but it is now being reported that her husband bragged the he used the photos of kids for propaganda.

The pictures the lamestream media printed were from 2014, loooooong before Trump even threw his hat in the ring to run for President, never mind  became President.

Surprisingly, the AP nailed Michelle for her lie and also said that Democrats have perpetuated the debunked story. The Obama /Biden administration were the kings of the cages.

They thought they could scare illegals from crossing the border, especially with children by locking them in cages and using those pictures to put the fear into them. The problem was the cages were in America we well worth the risk for migrants when compared to the horrors they faced in the s******* countries they were fleeing.

Obama/Biden decided to use the pictures as propaganda.  Obama’s Senior Immigration Policy Advisor, Cecilia Munoz, was behind the publication of these pictures.  The images were taken by Reuters and the AP and cleared by Munoz.

One Democrat immigration attorney Robert Andrew Free bragged about a conversation he had with Obama over the pictures. Free said he told Obama his family detention centers were just wrong.

Obama allegedly explained to him that the US could not have all of the illegal aliens bringing their children with them and then he just moved on from the conversation.

Free also says that the detention centers were a place where corporations could make money and that it all continued right through to the last day of the Obama/Biden administration. Why didn’t Michelle Obama mention this?

Never mind Michelle … where is CNN and MSNBC on this bombshell story?

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