Posted: August 20, 2020
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Chris Christie Slams John Kasich On ABC – ‘He’s A Backstabber’ And ‘An Untruthful Guy’ [VIDEO]

ABC News made a stupid decision having former New Jersey governor Chris Christie on as a pundit to speak about the Democrat National Convention. 

He is on the Trump train, and he’s not afraid to say it. 

He’s the kind of Republican who did things to survive in a deep blue state that pissed off a lot of Republicans, like when he hugged President Barack Obama right before the 2012 election, but then again, when he has his moments, it makes people forget about his past deal making, at least for a little while.  I’ll never forget the Christiegasms I used to get watching the former governor go off on the public sector teacher’s unions for being the political frauds they are, but I digress.

Christie did a bang-up job explaining to the former Clinton sycophant elitist George Stephanopoulos exactly why most of us couldn’t give a rat’s a*s that John Kasich went against his party and spoke at the DNC. 

In fact, I’m just wondering when Kasich will officially join the Democratic Party.

This is the same hurt man who as governor of Ohio didn’t even make an appearance at the 2016 Republican National Convention when it was held in his own state. 

Some people who lose elections just get bitter and angry, and what’s surprising about Kasich is during the 2106 primaries he tried to come off as the mellow next-door neighbor who offered up some weed on a Friday night.  I don’t remember Trump going off on him too badly during the debates, at least not how he attacked Jeb, Marco, and Cruz, but for some reason the former Ohio governor hates Trump.


Kasich wasn’t the only one who spoke last night, former NJ Governor Christine Todd Whitman, former Representative Susan Molinari (R-NY), and former Governor John Kasich (R-OH) all spoke out against Trump at the convention.  What’s amazing is that despite Trump’s bombastic style, which I believe Republicans need to have in order to get through all the deep state bullschtein that is designed to take them out, Trump has governed as a solid conservative Republican.  He has done the the things that Whitman, Molinari, Kasich and other Republican Trump haters spent their entire career claiming they stood for.

Stephanopoulos asked Christie whether or not it felt like a betrayal to Republicans that Democrats had some Trump-hating RINOs at the convention.

Chris Christie: “Zero. Zero. I mean, they are meaningless. They were #withher four years ago; now they are with Biden, no surprise.”

He goes on to rip Kasich by reminiscing that not one governor endorsed Kasich for President. He said that when there were only three opponents left in the race, Cruz, Trump and Kasich, no one supported Kasich.

Kasich, Whitman, and Molinari are all part of the government establishment. Trump won because he wasn’t a politician, and the way he spoke sent a message that things were not going to be politics as usual.  Trump promised to shake things up, and to bring the government back to the people where it belongs.  Do you think the last four years have been politics as usual?

Kasich, like RINOs Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) and the late Senator John McCain (R-AR) are only asked to do spots for leftist news outlets, because they love to use anyone on the Right that could trash the president.  They mistakenly think the rest of us will go “hot damn, this guy Trump must be bad, because John Kasich just told us so.”  It’s never happened yet.

Kasich is, like Romney, a bitter sore loser who can’t stand the fact that a total newcomer beat the snot out of him and is actually governing by the principles that Republicans have always touted but few have accomplished.  Trump has accomplished much over his first term.

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