Community Organizer Obama Sidelines Biden at DNC and Talks About Uprisings Against the Republic

Posted by on August 20, 2020 3:04 pm

Former President Barack H. Obama spoke on the third night of the Democrat National Convention (DNC) and gave a powerfully hateful speech, full of emotional imagery meant to stir up anger, sadness, and frustration, but most of all to plead to anyone willing to hear him to vote President Donald J. Trump out of office by any means necessary.

“Trump will destroy our democracy,” Obama said.

“For close to four years now, he has shown no interest in putting in the work…no interest in treating the presidency as anything but one more reality show that he can use to get the attention he craves,” Obama said of Trump.

“In this democracy, the commander-in-chief does not use the men and women of our military—who are willing to risk everything to protect our nation—as political props to deploy against peaceful protests on our own soil,” Obama said.

“Believe that no one—including the president—is above the law, and that no public official—including the president—should use their office to enrich themselves or their supporters,” he said

Without an applause track, without the glassy-eyed true believers fainting, without the crowds, the speech was eerie and painful to listen to and watch.

Gone were the days of titillating rhetoric and “Hope and Change” platitudes.  Gone was the smooth-talking, flashy smiling, overcomer.

Instead there stood a shadow of the historic first Black President, who almost cried about his imaginings of  America’s hateful racism, instructing people how to rise up to fight and save the Democracy.

Problems is, we are a Republic.  Obama showed us again, he just never understood America. Obama is an expert Community Organizer inspiring uprisings, organizing rage filled reactions, and getting everyone pointed at one common target like following the unfortunate death of young Trayvon Martin and subsequent riots.

That is what Obama is really good at doing, but he has met a formidable opponent in Trump. Trump has out-organized the great Community Organizer.

Wednesday before the big speech, Trump in his typical style, trolled Obama perfectly.

Trump is the first President to accept that the left is at war with our Republic.

Even the left media was unsettled after Obama’s act. Chris Wallace said about the speech, on Fox News right at the end of the third night “the speech was curious, Obama didn’t talk about Biden for 5 mins, most of it was as if he was from the Community Organizer, but it was not a full-throated endorsement of Joe Biden.”

Obama appeared highly emotional and appeared to be holding back tears as he described the opposition he had to President Donald J. Trump, sounding as if his endorsement was to vote against Trump to save what remains of the Marxist Obama legacy.

Begging and pleading in some places, Obama tried to stir up deep emotions with images of slavery, or injustices from a Republican supported Civil Rights movement, for the umpteenth time of beating White America over the head with things that simply did not happen in the manner the social justice warrior describes, and for which there seems to be no remedy to ever remedy, no matter how much America listens, gives, works toward, we just never seem to be able to please the Black Power movement, of which Obama is a part.

Obama telegraphed to Americans the need for constant grievance, constant outrage. There is never a solution to Obama’s demands for justice, not for things that never happened to him, or anyone he knows.

That is the Marxist creed to inspire constant revolution and rebellion, right?

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

Do you see it?  Do you hear it?


Trump, accepting the role of a warrior,  tweeted during Obama’s speech, trolling again, perfectly:

Donald Trump Jr. chimed in about Obama’s refusal to respect our traditional “peaceful transfer of power”:

What we really saw in that speech was how effective Trump has been at taking a page out of Obama’s rules book and using it against him, to the point that Obama is a shell of his Marxist youth,  proving that “all is fair in Love and War”.  Clearly,  Obama never thought that Trump would be the better Community Organizer, but Trump clearly is doing victory laps around the tear-filled, aging, broken down Marxist.

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