Posted: August 20, 2020
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Democrat Announces He Is Switching To The Republican Party, Saying ‘I Must Be True To My God’

As time goes on and the Democrat Party moves further and further to the left, it is becoming clear to anyone who can look beyond their cognitive dissonance, that the Dems have now fully embraced authoritarianism.

I remember my father telling me that he was a Democrat when he was younger.  Now, this was in the days where JFK lead the party on a platform which he famously described as the ideal of ‘ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.’  Like many former Democrats, my father tells me that he did not leave the Democratic Party, the party left him.

It seems that with each day we learn of another Democrat jumping ship, abandoning the Marxists who have seemingly taken the reigns of the party, and joining the red team.

The latest man to make the jump is Brian Snedecor, a Mayor from Indiana. The Times of Northwest Indiana is reporting:

‘Mayor Brian Snedecor has joined the Republican Party.

Surrounded by family, elected officials and supporters, Snedecor became emotional as he made the announcement Wednesday at Festival Park.

“I must be true to my God, my family, myself and those that have supported and believed in me,” Snedecor said. “So today I am formally announcing that I am leaving the Democratic Party and that I am joining the Republican party.”

Snedecor said his leadership won’t be altered after switching political parties. He promised to remain vigilant to the city’s needs and to continue working to make Hobart a safe, strong and thriving community.

“Although my party has changed, my concern, care and love for the citizens of Hobart has not,” Snedecor said. “I want Hobart to be a place for business to come and the American Dream to be achieved.”’

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