Posted: August 20, 2020
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Democratic Convention Features Illegal Alien Who Demands She ‘Deserves’ Free Healthcare On the Taxpayer’s Dime

The Democrats’ used their convention on Wednesday to suggest to American voters we should all welcome sick illegal aliens who enter the US in need of American healthcare.  This is what the Left does.  They try to soften you up to changing mindsets on the taxpayers paying for illegal aliens.

The video showed an illegal alien who brought her disabled daughter into the United States for life-saving healthcare.  American taxpayers saved the child, but can’t yet cure the spina bifida that keeps her confined to a wheelchair.  Now, the Democrats want you to pay for the upkeep.

Jessica Sanchez, the grown daughter, spoke to the Democrats audience saying, “I don’t have the right ID, so I can’t get health insurance through the Obamacare exchange. I need health insurance. I deserve it, right?”

Well, no, she doesn’t.  If she’s here illegally, the American taxpayer cannot be put on the hook for her healthcare costs.  How is that fair?  And just why exactly does she “deserve it?”   If that sounds cruel, how cruel does it sound when someone tells you that you are obligated to pay the healthcare bills for people who are here illegally, people who broke our laws to come here when they had every opportunity to come in legally?

And the way her phrase was worded is annoying as well.  “I don’t have the right ID,” conjures images of race hustlers saying “I don’t have the right skin color…”  She doesn’t have the right ID because she illegally entered our country.  Why is this so difficult for liberals, Democrats and the illegals themselve to understand?

For years the Democrats were lying to us by saying that illegal aliens were not getting free healthcare and other benefits.  Now, they’re featuring the idea during their national convention!

“Of course you do,” her mother, Sylvia, said in Spanish. “We all deserve hope, a good life, and health.”  Yeah, good luck with that, just try to get it legally without breaking our laws.

“My mother had no choice,” said Lucy, Sylvia’s US-born daughter. “There was no time to wait to save my sister. She came here looking for a miracle.”

“It breaks my heart to see how babies are separated from their families at the border,” the mother added. “That’s wrong. Those babies need to be with their families.”

:SIGH: The babies would have stayed with their families had their families entered the country legally.  Nobody who comes in legally is separated from their families.  It’s when you are arrested for illegally entering our country that the children be kept out of adult prison cells where there are adults who their parents do not know and who could get violent at any time.

“I want to go to law school,” said Jessica. “I want to help my community.”  So, now she wants us to pay for her law school?  Unreal.

This part of the convention that pushes a big old welcome for all sick foreigners is a dramatic and dangerous escalation from the Democrats’ normally unpopular guarantees to fund health care for at least 11 million illegal aliens (it’s more like 30+ million), most of whom work long hours for low wages in the US labor market that’s flooded by illegal and legal immigrants.

The Democrats’ video extends their free-health care promises to many millions of people living outside the United States, including roughly 175 million people in Mexico and Central America.  It’s their dog whistle for the third world to come break into our country.

The Democrats are making these promises for votes and sticking you the citizen with the bill.  How else is all that “free” healthcare for non citizens going to be paid for?  It’s coming out of your taxes, and now you know why the Democrats are also talking about how they’re going to have to raise your taxes.  They’re literally telling you they will force you to pay for an illegal alien’s healthcare costs.

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