Bernie Sanders Predicts Most Progressive Era Since FDR if Biden Wins [VIDEO]

Posted by on August 21, 2020 6:03 pm

On Thursday, in an interview with The Washington Post, self-avowed democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) echoed his prior statements that if 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden implements the policy proposals that came out of the Biden-Sanders task forces, when a group of Democrat progressive Marxists forced Biden to include their destructive policies into his platform, Biden will end up essentially being the most progressive president since Franklin D Roosevelt.  That’s not a good thing, bye the way.  Sanders additionally said that he expects those policy proposals to be the ones “at the very least, that will be implemented” if Biden is elected.

What he’ll be is the president with the most progressive form of dementia.

Every time Democrats take ultimate power they fundamentally alter the relationship between the American citizenry and government, and it’s never beneficial to the people, and always beneficial to the government. 

For example, the Democrats told you that they gave you Obamacare.  They didn’t give you anything, you’re paying for it.  They tell you that they gave you Medicare. 

You paid for that all your life as well. 

Democrats shove new radical policies down your throat and then brag about how they “gave” you something. 

That’s because radical leftist Democrat progressives are much smarter than you.  Just ask them.

Sanders said, “As you know, Bob, my campaign worked with Biden’s campaign on six different task forces, dealing with the major problems facing America, from the economy, to health care, to climate change, to education, immigration reform, criminal justice reform. And while we didn’t get everything we wanted out of those proposals, nor did the Biden camp, the proposals were fairly progressive. In fact, if those proposals were to be implemented, as I have said repeatedly, it would make Biden the most progressive president of the United States since FDR. Now, those are the proposals we worked out. And I expect that if he is elected president, those are the proposals, at the very least, that will be implemented.”


If the Democrats took over both houses of Congress and the White House you would not recognize the country inside the first year of a Harris-Biden administration. 

Yes, I said Harris-Biden, because that’s how the shots would be called, with Bernie Sanders and AOC holding the strings. 

God help us all if that happens.

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