Posted: August 21, 2020
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John Kasich outright stated that he couldn’t care about Biden’s policies, because “Joe is a good man.” Not to be outdone, former Rep. Susan Molinari said he’s a “really good man.”

Dems Keep Joe Biden’s Agenda Hidden In The Basement

A live audience wasn’t the only thing missing from the Democratic National Convention this year. So too was any substantive discussion of Joe Biden’s agenda should he win the White House. Has there ever been a political convention so utterly devoid of substance?

In her mercifully brief speech on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton said that: “Everyone has a story about Joe’s thoughtfulness and empathy.”

Apparently, team Biden required everyone who spoke at the convention to tell their stories. Almost none made it through their few minutes or airtime without exclaiming how empathetic, thoughtful, trustworthy — and other descriptions you normally hear at a eulogy, not a presidential convention — Biden is.

Alleged Republican John Kasich outright stated that he couldn’t care about Biden’s policies, because “Joe is a good man.” Not to be outdone, former Rep. Susan Molinari said he’s a “really good man.”

Presidential primary washout Amy Klobacher said of Biden that “he understands redemption and he knows resilience.”

There was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gushing about how Biden’s “heart is full of love for America” and how he is “battle-tested, forward-looking, honest and authentic.”

House Majority Whip James Clyburn talked about Biden’s “first-hand experience with loss and hardship.”

Four years ago, gun-shooting victim Gabby Giffords told conventioneers to vote for Hillary because “she will stand up to the gun lobby.” On Wednesday, the reason she gave to vote for Biden was  because “he was there for me.”

When he wasn’t talking about himself, which wasn’t often, the only thing Barack Obama could think to praise Biden for was — you guessed it — his “resilience,” his “empathy, ” his “experience.”

When not blathering on about how nice a guy Biden is, others told us endlessly about how he can “get things done” — without anyone ever saying what those “things” are.

Even Sen. Elizabeth Warren avoided any real substance in her talk, other than saying that Biden “will make high-quality child care affordable for every family, make preschool universal, and raise the wages for every child care worker.”

When Hillary strayed into substance, it was to offer how Biden will produce “emergency relief that lifts small businesses and hardworking people.” (Didn’t anybody tell her about the $2.2 trillion CARES Act?)

Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, described his agenda in only the vaguest terms. He will “bring us together to build an economy that doesn’t leave anyone behind . . . build that beloved community, one that is strong and decent, just and kind.”

In a separate video segment, Harris did say she looked forward to bringing about “reproductive justice,” whatever that means. (Presumably, Harris doesn’t mean the kind of reproductive justice that the virulently racist Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, had in mind  when she said she wanted to use abortion “to exterminate the Negro population.”)

Even CNN couldn’t help but notice that “If you were looking for what, specifically, Democrats will do if they seize power in Washington next year, you’ll have to dig deeper than the speeches offered during the most-watched portions of their national convention so far this week.”

Those who might have thought that the Democrats would reveal their plans on Thursday night were also disappointed.

Biden himself at least talked about some of his plans. He gave a good speech, delivered in a folksy manner without stumbling and bumbling, that will no doubt be praised to the skies by the press.

But after saying how he will be “an ally of the light” and how the election “isn’t a partisan moment” but is about “winning heart and soul of America,” he spent most of his time masking how far left his agenda is than revealing it. (He also managed to repeat the lie about Trump’s “both sides” comment after the Charlottesville protests, and his claims that the U.S. is doing worse than any other country when it comes to COVID=19 are bogus.)

There’s a reason for the Democrats hide-the-agenda campaign. They know it’s too out of the mainstream for most Americans to stomach. They know that proposing massive tax hikes, a job-destroying $15 minimum wage, “universal” health care, pie-in-the-sky “clean energy” schemes, and fantastically expensive employer mandates, while coddling defund-the-police Marxists, won’t help Biden’s cause.

So, Biden and his fellow Democrats are hoping that they can have an election where voters are casting ballots based purely on how soothing the candidates are.

We couldn’t care less how nice Joe Biden is or how well-honed his empathy skills are.. What we care about is what Biden and his fellow Democrats plan to do if they get the chance.

We can only hope voters won’t let Biden get away with keeping his plans hidden in his basement until after November 4th.


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