Posted: August 24, 2020
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BLM Whines After Getting Their Butt Kicking By Patriots As Cops Stand By and Watch

BLM is whining in Portland after getting their butts kicked by some patriots as the police stood by and did nothing. Perhaps this was because  a stand down order works both ways, though we are only postulating that one was issued.

I didn’t see anyone jump into the fray like they do when they have a helpless victim. While watching these videos note that some BLM and Antifa are actually questioning, with a straight face, why the police won’t get involved and help them. 😂

Even though the rioting has been going on for 85 days, the rioters are not getting tired, they seem to be getting even more aggressive.  As things continued to escalate, both sides were firing pepper spray at each other.

One of the patriots told the rioters that once the police are gone, the rioters will have to deal with them. Seeing as some of the ‘protesters’ see, hell bent on abolishing or defunding the police, the irony is thick.. Last night the rational members of the city of Portland took matters into their own hands.

Kitty Shackleford tweeted:

‘Fights already breaking out between Patriots and BLM terrorists today in Portland, this is going to be nuts’

For the first 84 days of rioting  the leftists have had it their own way but when people start to fight back it is turning out to be very bad for them. There is only so much crap people will take before they take action.  Apparently It has reached that point in Portland.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘The day was filled with violence, as both sides fired off pepper spray, projectiles and took swings at the other. For once, the patriots actually outnumbered the violent left.

“When the cops are gone, you’re gonna deal with us,” one of the patriots was filmed warning the anti-cop leftists.

The patriots also destroyed the snack van that has been a staple at the Portland riots for the last few months.’

Remember, all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing …

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