Posted: August 25, 2020
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If you Don’t Vote for Democrats Nancy Pelosi says you Support Domestic Terrorists

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi from California seems to have come completely unhinged as the Republican National Convention kicks off, Monday, where President Donald J. Trump started out his opening comments for the gathering about the Democrats demands for mail-in voting, which Trump opposes saying that it will cause chaos for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Trump started his speech right out of the gate talking about the “Pot Office Scam”. We have to win. “This is the most important elections of our lifetime and we have to be very careful,” Trump said.

The media is joining her in cutting out the free speech of others, including Trump himself:

Pelosi’s comments from the “Halls of Congress” in DC are ironic against the backdrop of Americans having their free speech curtailed and cut back by the power of technology, while they claim they do not want people posting their feelings about politics because it might unduly infringe on the political process.

“Sadly the domestic enemies to our voting system are at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and their allies in the Congress of the United States. We can not let the President deter anyone from voting, we need to support the US Postal System that is Election Central,” Pelosi said.

Yes, the postal service is “election central” and voters are infringing on the political process, by election Republicans.


Pelosi is leading the Democrat’s plan to demand mail in ballots for all voting citizens, which Trump is opposed to doing.

The news comes at the same time as the media is covering a large number of ballots being rejected by the Post Office in 2020, for primary elections.



Showing their hand, a leftist media leader, Fox News Neil Cavuto is already casting doubt on the Trump’s win by claiming that the Post Office rejected more votes that Trump win the 2016 election by, trying desperately to tell the American people that voters simply do not like or support Trump.

Trump’s opening comments for the convention and the dramatic behavior of the media this week prove to us that November is going to be the most fought over election we may have ever seen. And jumped right in swinging.

Watch full statement from Monday:

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