Posted: August 26, 2020
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Shaun King Threatened To Dox Innocent Cops Until Kenosha PD Gives Up Name Of Officer Involved In Jacob Blake’s Shooting

Shaun King, a.k.a. “Talcum X”,  has been threatening to dox innocent police officers as Jacob Blake’s shooter if the police don’t give up the identity of the officer involved in the shooting.

“If you do not name the officer who brutally shot Jacob Blake on Sunday, we will simply begin naming officers from your department who may or may not be him,” the anti-police Black Lives Matter “Tupac Sugar” threatened online.

Isn’t that assault?  To put someone in fear of being harmed? It’s amazing that Twitter has allowed his tweets to remain. Without question, he’s threatening innocent cops.

“F-k it. Your protection of his identity is unethical. What’s his name?” “Martin Luther Cream” tweeted “to the Kenosha Police Department” that he pinned to the top of his Twitter thread.

It’s not unethical at all.  While they are analyzing what happened, they have to protect the officer until a conclusion is made. It’s called due process.

The Brooklynite King later named an officer whose name has circulated, without providing any proof, saying he was “in protective custody in a hotel because people thought he shot Jacob Blake.” He then named a second officer, again with no proof it was the officer who shot Blake as he started reaching into his car after brawling with officers.

“POLICE COULD END THIS RIGHT NOW. They are deliberately protecting the man who shot Jacob. What’s his name?” he wrote.

King, or “Chalkus Garvey,” who became famous for quite a few ridiculous claims in support of the Black Lives Matter movement , has regularly praised rioters in addition to calling to fully defund the police.

“I’m not going to call for peace. We’ve tried peace,” he wrote Monday, calling for a “complete dismantling of American policing” while conceding that “mayhem is the consequence.”

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My heart. Raw.

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It couldn’t be the fact that Blake had arrest warrants out, or that he resisted arrest, walked away from the cops after resisting, then opened his SUV door, reaching inside for something.  None of that matters to “Thurgood Partial” here.

Whereas a handful of followers supported his call to name innocent police officers, King was inundated with people attacking him, with some formally complaining to Twitter.

“Wow. Congrats on your new job as judge/jury/executioner. Your god-like moral compass must be a heavy burden for you,” someone using the profile name Gdiddy replied sarcastically, while another called it “ridiculous hate inciting rhetoric.”

“Yesterday protestors celebrated hitting a Kenosha police officer in the head with a brick. They laughed and cheered. What is wrong with you?” Jason Holzem asked.

“You’re putting officers and their families at risk of their safety, but I doubt you can give a damn about that,” @szlava97 replied.  Someone else said King’s remarks were “pathological beyond belief.”

“Already condoning violence and rioting. Let’s just blame others and create more innocent victims huh Shaun?” a follower named Chris said.

On user, PoliticJoel, had enough of Shaun King’s nonsense.

“People need to start fighting back against Shaun King. What’s his address? He’s consistently put innocent people in danger by arbitrarily calling out people who look similar.”

Another, named Mrs. Mule, reminded him that Blake’s own mother had called for an end to the violence. “Justice is called for but inciting is BS. We all have a stake in this,” Mrs. Mule wrote.

One woman let “Milk Chamberlain” know that he’s the one being unethical.

“Naming, or threatening to name, officers who are uninvolved is unethical, immoral and putting a target on their back and could lead to a tragic event. You have a platform and need to do better. Your pandering is an embarrassment.”

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