Posted: August 28, 2020
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Democrats Threats and Sour Grapes Last Night of RNC Exposes the Divide in Ideology for Americans

President Donald J. Trump was sent to Washington DC to “Drain the Swamp” and conduct Government affairs in a new and different way from the previous administrations, yet the radical far-left Democrats just can’t grasp the appeal that Trump has to his supporters, and at one of his most successful public events, Thursday night at the RNC held at the White House, the violent push back by democrat led rioters, shows perfectly the difference in ideology between Democrats and Republicans.

Throughout and following a patriotic program of pro-American, pro-Business, pro-Underdog speeches, music and fireworks over the nation’s capital city that raised up pride in everyone, except for the loyal Democrat party member.

Even Glenn Beck, who did not at all support Trump in the 2016 Presidential election, turned to Twitter after the RNC and admitted he was wrong about Trump.

Welcome back, Glenn.

The people in attendance and on Twitter were wildly encouraged by the end a week of Convention speeches that were well thought out, well delivered and inspiring, however, the Democrats and their media allies were downright rude and hysterical, and ended the week in attacks on Senators, Congressman, and elderly supporters who were walking to the hotels from the White House.

The Democrats have never been good at the peaceful transfer of power, and in 2020 they have resulted to sour grapes and downright criminal assault this Presidential election cycle, signaling that they know they can not win at the ballot box.

Democrat-led riots attacked elderly, disabled, and Black American citizens and threatened to burn churches down, completely unconcerned about the optics of such dehumanizing and mentally ill behavior.

Brain Mast, a disabled veteran and Florida Congressman, wrote about his experience leaving the White House, showing a video thread of harassment, assault and violence.

Former and failed presidential candidate, Senator Amy Klobuchar pouted and delved right into “Get Off My Lawn ” tactics:

The Media refused to cover the night in a good light, and inserted their agenda of dominance and control, such as vocal Never Trump and resistance member, Jim Acosta of CNN who posted about the lack of social distancing.

The two Conventions ended very differently:

More Sour grapes by Democrats, Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton, who posted exactly as Trump was speaking:

Far left, radical progressive Muriel Bowers Mayor of DC allowed the most heinous displays of murder and death to run rampant around the White House Thursday night.

Trump, his family and administration tried valiantly to give Americans an uplifting and patriotic evening, with very special and meaningful touches such as a stunning musical performance by NY Tenor Christopher Macchio.

They gave Americans displays of patriotism that unites people into a common cause:

There were numerous well delivered and meaningful speeches from common Americans that moved masses of people to deep emotions:

President Trump gave us inspiring stories of redemption, a steady theme throughout the weeks speeches:

Stories of what people can do for themselves when given the opporunity:

The Republican convention welcomed people from all parties and walks of life. Trump went out of his way in his acceptable speech to welcome people who had not supported him previously, and the week enraged his opponents. The two parties can not be further apart.

This sttory will continue to develop until November 3rd.

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