Posted: August 28, 2020
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President Trump Accepts RNC Nomination in the ‘Land of Greatness’ in front of 45 Flags, Spoke of Great Leaders In the White House

President Donald J. Trump delivered his remarks after accepting the nomination of the Republican Party to his second elections for President of the United States, Thursday Night in front of a historic audience, as the event was live streamed and virtual for most viewers for the first time in Political convention history.

It was a rousing speech that highlighted the many achievements of the Trump administration, and added some great wit about the idea of a President Biden.

“It is time we put an end to this failing Political Class. What is the name of this house? That is why we are here and they are not, this is our Home,” Trump said.

“How can the Democrats be allied with the light [of America], when they can’t keep the lights on?”Trump said.

Trump spoke at the White House in DC, after months of battle back and forth about meeting in person while under “Pandemic” health concerns.

A few highlights:

Trump’s acceptance speech happened on the 4th night, with the later three nights getting great viewing traffic, work Post describes as “blowing away” the DNC viewership.

Against the backdrop of the White House and in front of 45 flags:

Trump opened his speech with, Lee Greenwood’s God Bless USA.

“I am filled with optimism about what we will build over next four years,” Trump said.

“We are one national family, we will always love and care for each other. You have filled my life with so much joy, thank you to our. the first lady, thank you to my children, and grandchildren and I love you more than words can express, my brother is looking down from Heaven, our Appreciation to a man of deep faith, our VP Mike Pence and teacher and military Mom/

I profoundly accept this nomination for the President of the United States. The Republican party and party of Abraham Lincoln, ready to welcome Democrats, independents and anyone willing to accept the righteous heart of American people,” he said.

We will rebuild the economy and record prosperity and defined American against all threats and dangers, and leave America into ne frontier of discovery, rekindle new faith in the value and new spirit in unity that can be found in the love of our great country because we understand American is not cloaked in darkness but lights the whole world. the miracle that is our great American story.

Home of larger than life personalities, and within these walls lived generals who led people in the cause of freedom.

We will defeat the virus and emerge stronger than ever before.

This is the most important election in the history of our country, there is no clearer choice between the two parties will we allow socialism to demolish our dreams. Your vote will decide if we protect law-abiding Americans or give full reign to criminals. Will we defend the American way of life, or dismantle it.

“How can Democrats lead our country when they spend so much time tearing down our country. In their backward view, they see a wicked nation for our sins, they say redemption can only come from giving power to them, which is a repressive movement slogan. We don’t turn to government to restore our souls we put our faith in God,” Trump said.

“We killed the leader of Isis, we eliminated the world’s number one terrorist by far, and unlike previous administrations, I have kept us out of war and our troops are coming home. We rebuilt our military with pay raisers for our warriors, and we launched the Space Force and we have spent the last 4 years reversing the damage of Biden’s last 47 years, being on the wrong side of history his whole career, “Trump said.

“They are coming after me because I am standing up to you, and they spied on my campaign and they got caught. We need our Independence from their repressive actions. They are too restrictive. The rule are always changing,”Trump said.

The left tried to make noise, but there was no disturbance at all during the entire program on the lawn of the White House.


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