Posted: August 28, 2020
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US Chamber of Commerce Forced to Support Democrats and Admit they Stopped Promoting Free Enterprise

The Presidency of President Donald J. Trump has forced many of the corrupt players in our Nation’s capital to come out of the shadows and admit what so many people long suspected, they are liars about American prosperity, and they only care about their bank accounts, they don’t really intend to serve America.

Under Trump the left has admitted they are Socialists and Communists, look at their agenda to overhaul our entire economic system with their New Green Deal. Trump has made them run their Presidential candidates on a platform of Socialism and Race Riots and shown us that his Democrat opponent Joe Biden is favored by the Chinese Communist Party.

And now we have the leading US Pro-Business Institution meant to promote Free Market Capitalism, the US Chamber of Commerce, coming out of closest after funding “open boarders” Republicans like Mitt Romney, Pat Toomey, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush and other, admitting the group supports Socialism and will vote for Democrats.

In the 1950’s the US Chamber of Commerce Promotes Free Market Enterprise and Capitalism. This restored video is a perfect example of their work from the 50’s.

But they are no longer, according to Politico:

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is poised to endorse nearly two dozen freshmen House Democrats for reelection, triggering a revolt within the right-leaning organization and drawing fierce pushback from the group’s powerful GOP donors.

The decision represents a sharp departure for the traditionally conservative Chamber, which has spent over $100 million backing Republican candidates during the past decade, and it threatens to further complicate the party’s prospects in the November election while driving a split in the business community.”

Back in the 1980’s the Chamber of Commerce promoted Capitalism and free-market enterprise when Conservative Republican Ronald Reagan gave a rousing speech about American Manufacturing and prosperity to the US Chamber of Commerce, which made him highly popular with the American worker.

From the speech:

“I happen to believe that — I know you agree with me — that it is this spirit of enterprise that is the secret of our country’s success. Over the 200 years of our Republic, our economy has produced more wealth, more opportunity, and a higher standard of living for more people than has ever happened before. In these last 7 years together, we have sought to unleash that same creative and economy-building spirit of enterprise that built America.

The collectivism, excessive regulation, and high tax rates of the last decade brought our people unbearable inflation, sky-high interest rates, economic decline, and national pessimism. Instead of trying to harness the energy and resources of the American people, which seemed to be the goal of our liberal predecessors, we have sought to set them free. And I’ve always felt, and I think events have proven me right, that the best thing the Government can do for free people is to get out of their way.,”Regan said.


So what changed?

Just like in any other Cultural Revolution, the leaders changed and brought with them their cultural Marxism.

“The internal fight is just the latest headache for the Chamber, which for decades was regarded as a giant in the lobbying world. The group has recently generated headlines for its frosty relationship with the White House and alleged lavish spending on private jets.

The clash also provides a window into a growing rift in the business community over its place in the Donald Trump-dominated Republican Party, which has at times embraced policies the corporate world opposes. While the Chamber has almost exclusively endorsed Republicans over the past decade, it has collided with the president over everything from tariffs to immigration.

Chamber leaders — including President Suzanne Clark, Chief Executive Officer Tom Donohue and Executive Vice President Neil Bradley — have been pushing the proposal ahead of a Thursday committee vote to finalize a slate of 2020 endorsements,” Politico reported, but the members won’t be happy.

Many of the members of the Chamber of Commerce are right-leaning, and have been raising concerns for years that the Chamber was supporting left-leaning politicians and using platforms that were the opposite of Free Enterprise for Americans,like Democrat’s demand for cheap labor with “Open Borders”.

Members of the Chamber were in fact “gas-lighted”, by people like former president George W. Bush, who told Republicans they had to head left to win. That Americans didn’t really want to do work or be sovereign any longer, so open borders and moving companies overseas was good for Conservatives and Republicans.

The Chamber put money and treasure behind politicians who supported former President Obama’s giveaway of US manufacturing, saying their company’s bottom lines were more important than Americans having jobs, and big government agencies like the EPA was more important than Americans starting small businesses. That business regulations to save the planet were more important than teaching people job skills. That ethnic diversity was more important to America than keeping our Civil Liberties and American institutions.

And many Republicans went along with them, to try to keep unity, even when they highly doubted the credibility of politicians backed by the Chamber, like the Bushes, and the Romney’s because… wasn’t the Chamber supposed to really want the best for Americans?

Now look, the Chamber is going straight left after all these years, and supporting a platform that is nothing at all close to Free Enterprise for Americans. They have been forced to admit who they are, and what their priorities are, so it is right out in the public.

That is how Trump is draining the swamp.

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