Posted: August 28, 2020
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Woman Claims she Didn’t Know she Couldn’t Vote in 2016, Court Denies her Appeal, Democrat Hero Gets 5 Years

A Texas appellate court has denied an appeal for Crystal Mason, who was sentenced to 5 years in prison for trying to vote while ineligible for a Felony conviction, and Mason says she had no idea she was ineligible and no one ever warned her she couldn’t vote.

Mason has been in limbo, at risk of losing her home since she was caught, and has become an icon of the Democrats who are using her story to attempt to discredit Republicans and voter laws before the 2020 Presidential election in November.

Community Organizer, Shaun King, who self identifies as Black, elevated Mason’s story, meaning to attack Republicans over it.

Mason, a mother who had 10 months on probation to complete her sentence, has destroyed her life all because she wanted to vote in 2016, and the Democrats who encouraged all people, whether they are eligible to vote or not, to do so.

But it is not the Democrats who do the time. Mason will have to serve 5 more years now, in prison, if her appeal is not picked up.

“From late September to May 1, Mason was held at Federal Medical Center Carswell, a prison nearby. She was then moved to a halfway house an hour from Rendon, before being released to home confinement on June 24,” Huffington Post reported.

The State’s argument is that Mason, a Felon, read and signed a document that told her she was not legal to vote, but she did so anyway on a provisional ballot, claiming she just wanted to do her “civic duty”, which is not an excuse for breaking her probationary requirements or voter laws.

“She didn’t know it at the time, but election officials considered Mason ineligible to vote. She was still serving her sentence for a felony related to inflating tax returns. Even though she was out of prison, she was still on supervised release, a probationary period that can get added on to a prison sentence. Texas only lets people with felony convictions vote once they have completed their criminal sentences entirely,” Huffington Post reported.

Democrats are exploiting this case as an attack on Democrats and on Black Women:

Black Lives Matter has used this case a rally point:

The ACLU has made Mason a hero by elevating her story, writing that Mason now supported Radical Far-Left Democrat Bernie Sanders, who had done a video about her being an icon of voter suppression :


“The reason why I am for Bernie Sanders is because he reached out to me and he did a video in regard to my situation on voter suppression,” she explains.  By “situation,” Crystal is referring to the fact that Texas intends to send her to prison for the crime of voting while the state considered her ineligible. About three years ago, Crystal cast a provisional ballot while she was on “federal supervised release,” a preliminary period of freedom for individuals who have served their full time of incarceration in federal prison. It was an honest mistake that will cost her five years in prison – unless her conviction is overturned on appeal,” the ACLU wrote.

But no matter what the Democrats do, they can’t keep Mason out of prison or raise her children. Sanders can make trendy videos, in the hopes of getting some votes from stories of her and her life and her crime spree, and make excuses, but at the end of the day it is Mason alone who looks at a prison cell.

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