Posted: August 31, 2020
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Democrats and Media Learned Nothing From 2016, Still Don’t Understand Trump’s Simple Message to the American People

Donald Trump, during his 2016 announcement speech that he was going to run for president, talked about how our country was being sold out by the politics of Washington, DC, and how he wanted to fix it.  The Democrats and media learned nothing from 2016. From the beginning, Trump targeted what he called the Forgotten Men and Women of America, forgotten by decades of back room deals make by swamp creatures for globalism at the expense of the American working class.

He talked about illegal immigration and the problems it causes, and he compared the people Mexico was sending here to Americans, saying the ones coming in illegally are not like American citizens.

Trump haters immediately jumped on his speech and changed the spelling, and therefore the meaning of a single word, “their” to “they’re” and instantly labeled Trump as a racist who said all Mexicans are rapists, and yet he never said such a thing.

And the media’s misquoting Trump and fabricating terrible things about him only got worse from there.

They used that and other things he said the the early days of the 2016 campaign as proof that Trump was creating a cult of people who think like him, in other words, American racists were coming together to support a racist leader.  The simple truth is he was pushing a movement, but the focus of the movement isn’t Donald Trump, it’s America.  Thinking of America as a great country is foreign to Democrats and many members of the mainstream news media.  And as was the case in 2016, nobody in the mainstream news media was in on the joke except him.

Donald Trump has been promoting a stronger-than-ever America since the minute he came down the escalator, and it is a lot more persuasive than any of his critics appear to understand.  Trump can be crude in his responses after being attacked, and some people cringe at his Twitter feed.  But if people could have a super power, Trump’s would be that he is way more in touch with the common, forgotten man voter than any of his opponents, in politics or not.  It’s not even close.

Love him or hate him, you always know Trump is telling you the truth about what he thinks and feels, because he has no political filter.  I can’t tell you how personally I love the fact that our president doesn’t talk like a reporter on the scene of gas main break as most politicians do.  He speaks in “vulgate” or the language of the common man or woman.  On top of that, it’s apparently obvious that his detractors never actually watch his speeches, because rally after rally he tells his audiences that the movement is not about him, but about them, the people, and he is just the vessel that will deliver the message that the people own the government, not the politicians they elect.

You would think the Democrats and the Trump-hating media, who have been suffering from tunnel vision by focusing all of their attention on getting rid of Trump since his epic win against Hillary Clinton, would have learned that lesson and tried to emulate his rapport with common American voters.

But they haven’t, because they despise flyover states and the people in them.  They look down on them as rubes. Another thing the Left doesn’t realize is every time they attack the president, his supporters feel like it’s an attack on them, solely because they know he loves them and puts their well-being first.  You don’t get that from other politicians, especially the Democrats who have become more draconian and totalitarian since 2016.

While the Democrats during their DNC convention a couple weeks ago spent four days telling viewers how utterly horrible the United States is, and how they want to force those flyover states people into compliance with their nutty ideology that white people are born racist, and black Americans who support Trump ain’t black, the RNC convention the following week concentrated on all the achievements of the Trump administration over the past four years, and focused on what the president wants to do over his next term that will make American lives better.

Americans want to know that their country is not only the greatest country in the world, but through all time, because it demonstrably is.  They don’t want to hear that their country is systemically racist when they know it’s not.  They don’t want a radical leftist ideology shoved down their throats by people who couldn’t care less how much their policies once implemented will harm their way of life.

Trump’s style is especially a breath of fresh air after spending an entire 8 years of Obama-Biden talking down the country, and seemingly doing everything they could to bring as many illegal aliens in for the purpose of gaining votes, and then calling American racist if they believe in our immigration system, despite the hard knowledge that illegal immigration costs American taxpayers billions of dollars every year.

Joe Biden, like Clinton in 2016, has no economic message that resonates with American voters.  Instead, he’s pushing a campaign full of lies and deceit about his opponent that even Helen Keller could see.  And everyone but the radical rabid dogs of the Left know that Kamala Harris is the one who will be in charge if God forbid Biden gets elected, as he has trouble getting two sentences out these days.

No, the Democrats and their boot-licking sycophants in the media have learned nothing from their past mistakes.  They treat the Trump presidency as an odd mistake the American voters made, but they will be generous and magnanimous when they correct the error of their ways and vote for a man who seems to be suffering from some sort of dementia.  The Biden campaign offers no message for things they want to do that will help make people’s lives better.  They talk about policies that will cost millions of jobs when implemented, raising everyone’s taxes by eliminating the Trump tax cuts so that American workers will bring home less money, and a Green New Deal that would cost trillions of dollars for Americans to comply. Who the hell hears that and shouts, “YES!” with enthusiasm?

Bernie Sanders - AOC

Trump has an excellent chance at winning reelection on November 3rd, so long as the Democrat mail-in ballot cheating can be thwarted, because he’s once again going full throttle on America First and American greatness, while Biden didn’t get a bump at all after the DNC convention.  I watched, so that you didn’t have to, and trust me, it was depressing as hell. And by watching how he kept his promises over the last four years, American voters know they can trust Trump to keep his promises now for what he wants to do in a second term.

The Trump haters claimed that the president’s speech on the last evening of the RNC convention was nothing like his normal campaign rallies, as if it was supposed to be, but the one thing they completely missed, either by accident or by intentional ignorance, was the message the president was driving home in the minds of everyone who watched, a message that not a single Democrat expressed during their convention week, which is Trump promised a great American comeback from the devastation our economy took after the Chinese virus pandemic allowed the Democrats to crash our economy with draconian lockdowns.

And here’s the kicker.  The Left still don’t understand that when Trump promises a great American comeback, his loyal supporters know in their hearts that he’s saying that it is THEM who will make American Great Again, and not the DC swamp.

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