Trump Defends Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse [VIDEO] – Plus, Statement by Rittenhouse Lawyer on What Really Happened

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On Monday, President Donald Trump defended Kenosha the shooter, the 17-year-old accused of fatally shooting two Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin last week saying the teenager “probably would have been killed” had he not fired his weapon.

The president did not denounce the killings and repeated an attorney’s claim that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense, based mostly on a video on social media. That doesn’t sit well with the news media’s narrative that Rittenhouse was a vigilante.

“That was an interesting situation. He was trying to get away from them, I guess, it looked like,” Trump said at a press conference, “and he fell, and then they very violently attacked him.”

“He was in very big trouble,” Trump continued. “He probably would have been killed.”


Though Rittenhouse has been documented attending at least one Trump rally, the president criticized Joe Biden for not acknowledging violence coming from his supporters.  Of course the Trump haters will mention Rittenhouse went to a rally, because in the Left’s pea-sized brains that is conclusive evidence that Rittenhouse spent a considerable amount of time in a dark hidden bunker room under the White House, lit by the blubber oil of Bambi, with the president drawing up plans to shoot innocent peaceful protesters who are not harming people physically and destroying everything they spent a lifetime building. #SMH

“The violent rioters share Biden’s same talking points, and they share his same agenda for our nation,” Trump said, adding that Biden “even talked about those on the right, but he didn’t talk about those on the left.”

The video shows Rittenhouse, who’s been charged with murder, being chased down by violent rioters before he fell and fired the rifle he was carrying.  Democrats and their boot-licking sycophants in the Fake News media don’t want you to know what the scene was really like.  They want you to think Rittenhouse was looking for trouble.

Nonetheless, at that time, he had already shot and killed one rioter during a confrontation, according to charging documents and the video.

Trump repeatedly noted that the shooting was still under investigation.

He made the remarks amid a White House briefing, a day before he was scheduled to travel to Kenosha, where unrest erupted last week after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Rittenhouse’s lawyer released a statement explaining some key facts in the case.  Fake News media folks must have gotten the FACTS vaccine as kids, because now they don’t get FACTS.  The statement produces a story that you won’t hear in the media, because like what happened to Covington student Nick Sandmann is exactly how they’re portraying minor Kyle Rittenhouse.From the statement:

“On August 25th, 2020, Kenosha spiraled into chaos following the Jacob Blake shooting. The Kenosha
Mayor and Wisconsin Governor failed to provide a basic degree of law and order to protect the citizens
and community buildings in Kenosha. The city burned as mobs destroyed buildings and property, and
looters stole whatever they wanted. Rioters defaced storefronts, the courthouse, and many other public
and private locations across the city.

After Kyle finished his work that day as a community lifeguard in Kenosha, he wanted to help clean up
some of the damage, so he and a friend went to the local public high school to remove graffiti by rioters.
Later in the day, they received information about a call for help from a local business owner, whose
downtown Kenosha auto dealership was largely destroyed by mob violence. The business owner needed
help to protect what he had left of his life’s work, including two nearby mechanic’s shops. Kyle and a
friend armed themselves with rifles due to the deadly violence gripping Kenosha and many other
American cities, and headed to the business premises. The weapons were in Wisconsin and never
crossed state lines.”

Kyle Rittenhouse cleaning graffiti off school walls

I bet you didn’t know that he was there not as a vigilante hell bent on “shootin’ him sum bad guys,” but he was acting as a lifeguard for innocent people and their businesses whose lives were being destroyed by the angry mob that Democrats who run the city did nothing to quell.

Kyle and others like him stood guard at the mechanic’s shop across the street from the dealership hoping to prevent any further damage to the business, which let me remind you, had absolutely nothing to do with Jabor Blake being shot.

More from the statement:

“Later that night, substantially after the city’s 8:00 p.m. curfew
expired without consequence, the police finally started to attempt to disperse a group of rioters. In doing
so, they maneuvered a mass of individuals down the street towards the auto shops. Kyle and others on
the premises were verbally threatened and taunted multiple times as the rioters passed by, but Kyle
never reacted. His intent was not to incite violence, but simply to deter property damage and use his
training to provide first aid to injured community members.”

Once the mob passed the shop and Rittenhouse believed that the threat had passed, he was concerned with the injured protesters and bystanders who gathered at a nearby gas station.  They had no immediate access to medical help or assistance by law enforcement.  Rittenhouse headed in that direction with a first aid kit.  A first aid kit, to help injured people.  He wasn’t there to create chaos.  He was there to help the victims of the riots that so many in the media conveniently pushed to the side while grabbing at ratings and pushing a leftist anti Trump narrative.

Rittenhouse found injured people and he rendered aid as best he could based on his own training.

He looked around for injured people, and gave them aid.  Then he tried to point them in the direction of others who could help as best he could during the mayhem going on.   In other words, he left the gas station with injured people and others to help guide them to safety, then returned to the gas station.

By the time he got back and realized there weren’t anymore injured victims who needed his help, the cops had advanced their formation and blocked his path back to the mechanic’s shop.   Rather that argue with police and disrespect them the way the violent Marxists do, Rittenhouse complied with their orders not to go back to the businesses to help.  So, he went back to the gas station where he heard there was another mechanic’s shop further down the street that needed help, because their business was about to be destroyed and there were no cop anywhere nearby.

From the statement:

“As Kyle proceeded towards the second mechanic’s shop, he was accosted by multiple rioters who
recognized that he had been attempting to protect a business the mob wanted to destroy. This outraged
the rioters and created a mob now determined to hurt Kyle. They began chasing him down. Kyle
attempted to get away, but he could not do so quickly enough. Upon the sound of a gunshot behind him,
Kyle turned and was immediately faced with an attacker lunging towards him and reaching for his rifle.
He reacted instantaneously and justifiably with his weapon to protect himself, firing and striking the

Kyle stopped to ensure care for the wounded attacker but faced a growing mob gesturing towards him.
He realized he needed to flee for his safety and his survival. Another attacker struck Kyle from behind
as he fled down the street. Kyle turned as the mob pressed in on him and he fell to the ground. One
attacker kicked Kyle on the ground while he was on the ground. Yet another bashed him over the head
with a skateboard. Several rioters tried to disarm Kyle. In fear for his life and concerned the crowd
would either continue to shoot at him or even use his own weapon against him, Kyle had no choice but
to fire multiple rounds towards his immediate attackers, striking two, including one armed attacker. The
rest of the mob began to disperse upon hearing the additional gunshots.”

Rittenhouse got up and continued down the street toward police with his hands in the air.  He tried to contact multiple cops, but they were more concerned with the attackers. The police did not put Rittenhouse into custody at that time, but instead they told him he should just keep moving. He fully cooperated, both then and later that night when he turned himself in to the police in his
hometown, Antioch, Illinois.

Conclusion from the statement:

“Kyle did nothing wrong. He exercised his God-given, Constitutional, common law and statutory law
right to self-defense.

However, in a reactionary rush to appease the divisive, destructive forces currently roiling this country,
prosecutors in Kenosha did not engage in any meaningful analysis of the facts, or any in-depth review of
available video footage (some of which shows that a critical state’s witness was not even at the area
where the shots were fired); this was not a serious investigation. Rather, after learning Kyle may have
had conservative political viewpoints, they immediately saw him as a convenient target who they could
use as a scapegoat to distract from the Jacob Blake shooting and the government’s abject failure to
ensure basic law and order to citizens. Within 24-36 hours, he was charged with multiple homicide

The feckless Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has asked the president to cancel his visit.  Fat chance of that happening.

Here is the full statement by Kyle Ritternhouse’s attorney Pierce Bainbridge:

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