VIDEO: Florida Leads, ‘Lockdowns Cause More Problems Then They Cure’, Desantis Says

Posted by on September 1, 2020 3:03 pm

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida made a bold statement about the tactic of shutdown his state to address pandemics, saying that after studying other regions of the world he feels the shutdowns are very destructive at a press conference Monday.

“I hear people say we are going to shut down the Country again, and I cringe. If you look at parts of the world with most draconian shut downs, with military enforcement like Peru, since March, they have the highest per capita mortality from Covid, but the most a lock down will do is delay. It does not reduce the mortality rate,” DeSantis said.

“We are never doing one of these lockdowns again, it creates more problems then people are focusing on ,” he said.

At the press conference, Dr. Scott Atlas joins DeSantis for the press conference: “We are the only nation among our peer nations that are hysterical about opening schools”


In a press conference today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced:

  • The number of people currently hospitalized in Florida with COVID is down nearly 60% from the July peak;
  • The number of people currently in ICU in Florida with COVID is down about 52% since the July peak;
  • The number of COVID-positive patients across all Florida hospitals represents roughly 6% of all the licensed hospital beds in the state of Florida.

DeSantis explained his position:

“Remember the end of June and July people said that we had to shut down, we had to lock down or there would be exponentiation growth of the disease and I looked at the life cycle of the disease in other parts of the world and different regions of the United States and I said -no-we focus on the folks most vulnerable, especially in the nursing homes and other folks, take precautions that we preach about other precautions then we make sure hospitals have what they need like PPE, Personnel, whatever, like medicine we would be able to get through it, minimizing the harm to society. And so you have seen theme parks open, we had the theme park round table last week and you ask Universal and Disney, and in California, they have no pathway to reopen there. So we had a different approach.

In central Florida, we have everything open but the taverns and pubs and we are going to address that soon. We had restaurants open already and pubs do the same thing, so we wondered what the difference is. It was a matter of enforcement, so we are going to address that and concentrate on our three Southern counties. Getting them where we are, and that is the last piece of the puzzle. And that is good,” DeSantis said.


“We gained jobs, 74,000 private sector jobs just in July, so imagine if we had shut down the State we would have lost 300,000-400,000 jobs and we will never shut down again,” he said.


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