27 RINOS Prove that Trump is Different than Previous DC Insiders, Jeff Flake still Pouting

Posted by on September 2, 2020 9:03 pm

27 members of the “Republican In Name Only” crew, who have betrayed and frustrated American voters for at least 20 years and refused to represent the needs of the American voter have chimed in, through the Democrat allied media that they are so upset about President Donald J. Trump being elected,they are now Socialists and will support Trump’s Democrat opponent, Joe Biden.

Forbes reported on the matter saying, “More than two dozen former Republican members of Congress officially announced on Monday, mere hours before the start of the Republican National Convention, that they are endorsing Joe Biden, who aims to build a wide-ranging coalition in hopes of defeating President Donald Trump in November.

It is especially ironic to see these former Republicans crying over Trump, as the Republican party grows increasingly more favorable with Trump as more time goes by, something they could not ever achieve, or they would not have quit.

“President Trump has unprecedented support—over 95%—among real Republican voters and is also making strong inroads in Biden’s core Democrat constituencies, like Black Americans, Latinos and union members,” said Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh.

The list included quitters like former Senator Jeff Flake, who flaked off and resigned knowing that with Trump the GOP would take a more conservative focus, which he was not comfortable with, but unable to accept that he was never really a Republican in the first place.

The past 20 years, while a majority of these 27 members of the “uniparty” were in power, culminated with the rise of the “forgotten man and woman” who is the base for Trump, so in fact these 27 “Never Trumpers” are the reason Trump won in such a spectacular landslide in 2016 and is ripe to do it again in 2020.

What is surprising is that these former Republicans don’t understand that their declarations of how much they fear and dislike Trump and his supporters only emboldens Trump’s supporters who prefer Trump because he is an outsider and doesn’t betray their interests.

Trump’s popularity has much do to with the public distrust of career politicians and who Trump has rattled, known as the”The Swamp” or the administrative-Big Government- State.

Looking back not too long ago to the Tea Party was a time when Republicans were frustrated with RINOS, those Republicans who refused to represent the Conservative Republicans in the GOP.

Pew wrote in 2009, “Tea Party backers overwhelmingly identify with or lean to the Republican Party and describe their political views as conservative. Virtually all of them express feelings of frustration or anger with the federal government. A large majority of Tea Party backers distrust government and believe it has too much power and control over their lives.”

in 2010, Republicans did not trust Republicans in office, and Pew wrote, “Currently, 30% of Americans say the federal government is a major threat to their personal rights and freedoms. That is up from 18% in October 2003 and more than the previous high of 23% in June 2000. Another 17% now say they see the government as a minor threat. Still, half of the public (50%) says they do not think the government threatens their personal rights or freedoms, little changed from the percentage who said this in October 2003 (54%).”

Flake was in DC from 2001- 2019, so who does he represent exactly? And why should we care that he now is openly socialist and supporting Bidden?

27 RINOS went into a bar to cry over their beers, except in a pandemic taverns were closes, so they went to Forbes instead and asked to be made relevant again.

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