BREAKING: Mike Pence Confirms Trump’s good Health, “Nothing Different About that Day” when he was at Walter Reed

Posted by on September 2, 2020 3:03 am

No matter what anyone says, the left is trying very hard, with fleeting days left before the 2020 Presidential election to discredit President Donald J. Trump as being unhealthy and unfit for office using the new book by New York Times writer Michael Schmidt’s title “Donald Trump Vs. The United States”, as cover to push fake news and propaganda.

For a good part of Tuesday trending topics on social media were about the Democrats fantasy-filled posts that Trump was unwell and had suffered from strokes, driven by a new book, suggesting that Trump had made a trip to Walter Reed Hospital and was very unwell, and proof of this storyline that came from Trump’s political opponent Schmidt’s book, was Vice President Mike Pence being told to be on “stand-by” because Trump had a series of strokes.

Even Twitter reported that Trump himself had denied that story, “President Donald Trump denied on Tuesday that he had a ‘series of ministrokes’ in November 2019 that resulted in him seeking treatment at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The claim stems from Michael Schmidt’s forthcoming book, which says that VP Mike Pence was on ‘standby’ in case Trump went under anesthesia,”Twitter posted.

But the left loves a good fake story, and they don’t respect anyone in the Trump administration, so they keep the story going, even though Pence has now denied that anything different happened that day.

“I was told that he had a doctor’s appointment and part of this job is that I am always on standby. President Trump is in very good health,” Pence said.



The statement comes following claims that a forthcoming book by Michael Schmidt reported that VP Mike Pence ‘was put on standby’” According to a forthcoming book by New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt, West Wing staffers were told to put Vice President Mike Pence on standby ‘to take over the powers of the presidency temporarily if Trump had to undergo a procedure that would have required him to be anesthetized.”

But the legacy media and the Democrat allies smell blood in the water after a mis-step by Trump recently at a rally, and have started a conspiracry give the power and authority of a NYT books gives the permission to be illogical on online:

(Trump supporters see him making a joke)

Even a Medical doctor who has not examine Trump in person believes some footage of Trump’s foot is proof of strokes, which should be called “malpractice” :

Even though Trump has been campaigning and working non-stop for 4 years, having numerous high profile, energy-charged meetings every day, even after a full convention last week, the left insists that Trump is unwell, and the medial and community organizer allies are spreading propaganda as fast as they can to try to discredit Trump before the voting places open for November’s election.

CNN is reporting that it is indeed true, even though Pence said, “I do not recall being put on standby.”

Ironically on Tuesday told the Press Poll that Journalists have one a disservice to America with their dishonest reporting in general and have held America’s Achievement and Opportunity back with Fake News.

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