“Possible Violent Night Ahead for DC’, Police-Involved Shooting, one Suspect Dead

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At 4 PM on Wednesday, a young Black man was shot and killed by police in DC, and because of the political climate and the numerous violent uprisings with the far-left radical Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowers allowing targeted violence against police officers, it is expected that the unfortunate death will bring violence to the streets of DC.

A local activist reported on Twitter,”#BLM plans on taking the streets tonight, hints at civil unrest, Over the police shooting of a black man who was (allegedly) armed with a gun which was recovered at the scene according to police reports.”

One group of protesters called “DC Freedom Fighters” already called for retaliation by 7:30 PM.

Jack Posobiec a reporter for OANN observed that the tensions were very high in the DC area and he expected there to be violence as a result.

Local news covered the DC Police Chief, who held a press conference to announce the death and confirmed it was a result of a police shooting.

A man was shot and killed by a police officer on Orange Street SE in D.C. Wednesday afternoon”, Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham said in a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

In this video, women are heard discussing that it was one of the neighborhood boys who was shot.

“Uniformed police officers had information that there were guys in the neighborhood with guns, specifically,” Newsham said in the press conference. “That’s what they were looking for and evidently that’s what they found.”

Newsham said it is unclear if this incident was at all connected to another, earlier incident in which someone fired from inside a car at a group of police officers on South Capitol Street SW.

A woman could be heard at the press conference saying that the man who was killed was 17 years old. Police have not identified the victim or given an age, however.

Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White spoke after Newsham, and said the victim was African American, “young,” and lives just about two blocks away from the scene.

According to White who responded to the screen and who is familiar with the Mother of the young man shot, she had been taken to the hospital, so he suspected she had been altered of her son’s death.

According to their Twitter account, Freedom Fighters is” A predominantly Black-led group of activists focused on change through organized actions while simultaneously advocating to #DefundThePolice

Black Lives Matter were alerted and ready to respond.

The Police had already announced one robbery in the area, and altered the community that suspects were armed and dangerous.

This was the crime scene earlier in the evening:

The DC Police had already posted about one robbery, with suspects who are armed and dangerous.

Rain had started in the area, and there is a change of storms.

Protests planned at 9:30 PM.

This story is developing…

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