Biden Calls Trump “Deplorable” here we go again! Says Trump Supporters need “Mental Health”, Odd Press Conference

Posted by on September 4, 2020 9:03 pm

Democrat hopeful Joe Biden had a press conference on Friday where he pointed out many reasons why he doesn’t like Republican President Donald J. Trump, in a lengthy statement about a new claim that Trump had hurt deceased Republican Senator John McCain’s feelings, and that Trump had allegedly made some bizarre comments about the Military.

Bidden took the opportunity to addresses supporters of President Trump who read Qanon messages as being mentally ill: “I’ve been a big supporter of mental health. I’d recommend people who believe it should take advantage of it while it still exists in the Affordable Care Act.”

Biden was asked by someone who may have been a Biden staffer: “When you hear these remarks — ‘suckers, losers, recoiling from amputees’ — what does it tell you about President Trump’s soul and the life he leads?”

Biden answered:”How do you feel? How would you feel if you had a kid in Afghanistan right now? How would you feel if you lost a son or daughter, husband or wife? How would you feel, for real? … You know in your heart, you know in your gut it’s deplorable. It’s deplorable.”


Biden had a press conference, with people who were not recognizable to any media journalists, to repeat gossip, to slam Trump supporters, and respond to some very strang comments. One of the major themes was to redirect concerns from China, back to Russia.

He also repeated a common theme about “making a deal with Congress”, saying, “Bottom line, Mr President, do your job. Get off your golf course and out of the sand bunker. Call the leaders together in the Oval Office. Sit with them and make a deal.”

“Everything is up in flames, and Trump doesn’t want to talk about the job he is not doing. Russia is a problem.

The first questions was about Trump’s soul, the second was about Qanon, the third about China, and the fourth about Biden’s righteous anger over Trump.

Biden talked about face masks and said, “I listen to scientists. This is not a game. Life and death,” Democratic nominee Joe Biden says about President Trump mocking him for wearing a mask. “I don’t get it. … It’s hard to respond to something so idiotic”

Someone asked him about escalating concerns about China, and Biden tried to discredit Attorney General Bill Barr, and attempted to redirect concerns about the Chinese Communist Party, citing Facebook posts, rambling and looking down at one point as if to read something, in response to the question.

The Question was about Attorney General William Barr, who said this week said China is the most aggressive threat to U.S. elections, even more than Russia and Iran. Biden said that’s not consistent with briefings he’s had: “[Barr] is a lousy enough attorney general, but he’s a really bad intelligence officer”

The reviews were not good.

And just for good measure, Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are on this “Deplorable” speech… Joe didn’t learn a thing in 2016.

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