EP 2100-9AM BREAKING: Antifa Killer Of Trump Supporter Shot Dead By Law Enforcement

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Check out this post from The Post Millennial

Michael Reinoehl, an Antifa militant who admitted to fatally shooting Aaron Danielson during Portland riot on Aug. 29, was shot dead by law enforcement amid an investigation Thursday night.

The Post Millennial‘s editor-at-large Andy Ngo confirmed Reinoehl’s death in Lacey, Washington, when United States Marshalls moved to arrest him.

Reinoehl had reportedly fled Oregon and crossed state lines into Washington. A federal fugitive task force located him outside of Olympia.

Reinoehl reportedly left an apartment complex appearing to be armed, The Olympian reported, and entered his vehicle when a shootout began. The shooting occurred in the 7600 block of 3rd Way Southeast in Tanglewilde about 7 p.m. Shots were apparently fired at a traffic stop, KATU reported.

Witnesses at the scene cited an unmarked SUV parked on School Street when the vehicle converged with another on the car at the apartment.

The suspect reportedly exited his car and fired what was believed to be an assault rifle at the SUVs. Bystanders noted hearing 40 or 50 shots, then officers returned fire, hitting Reinoehl.

Four officers allegedly fired their weapons from the Department of Corrections, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, and Lakewood Police Department.

The New York Times reported that an arrest warrant had been issued earlier by the Portland Police Bureau on the same day that VICE magazine published a feature interview with the suspect alleging that he acted in self-defense.

Within the same hour of the news breaking, President Donald Trump called on the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to aid the Portland police in arresting the “cold blooded killer” of Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

“Do your job, and do it fast,” the president tweeted. “Everybody knows who this thug is. No wonder Portland is going to hell!”

Earlier this evening, Danielson’s friend Charter Pappas spoke to Tucker Carlson about the shooting.

It was reported that on Antifa message boards Reinoehl’s death was being called a police “execution.”

An Antifa Twitter account called for the names of the officers involved in Reinoehl’s shooting to be reported, using a pig emoji and listing a site where names could be sent.

Suspect in Fatal Shooting of Conservative Activist Killed by Police

The man being investigated in the shooting death of a member of the conservative group Patriot Prayer was killed Thursday night by police near Seattle, according to a report from the New York Times.

Michael Forest Reinoehl was encountered by a fugitive apprehension task force in Lacey, Washington, a city to the southwest of Seattle.

According to the New York Times, “An arrest warrant had been issued by the Portland police earlier Thursday, on the same day that Vice News published an interview with Mr. Reinoehl in which he appeared to admit to the shooting, saying, ‘I had no choice.’”

In an odd twist, President Trump had urged law enforcement to apprehend Reinoehl only moments before his fatal encounter with police.


Unnamed law enforcement confirmed Reinoehl’s death the Times.

Reinoehl was identified on social media soon after the shooting of Aaron J. Danielson, last weekend.

According to the Oregonian:

Officers from the U.S. Marshals Service and Thurston County Sheriff’s Office were involved in serving the arrest warrant, according to an emergency dispatcher.

Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza confirmed to The Olympian newspaper that U.S. marshals shot a man on a street in Tanglewilde, a town of about 6,000 near Olympia. The newspaper reported that a neighbor said he saw two SUVs pull up and then heard 30 to 40 shots.

A subsequent claim reported by the Associated Press states that Reinoehl pulled a gun on the officers.


Reinoehl allegedly confronted Danielson on the streets of Portland last Saturday, the same day that a Trump caravan had made its way through the city.

Danielson, who lived in Portland, was identified as a Trump supporter by at least one man before being allegedly confronted by Reinoehl. As Reinoehl and others approached, Danielson sprayed a cloud of mace in their direction. In response, Reinoehl allegedly fired two shots at Danielson, who stumbled before collapsing on the street and dying.

In his interview with VICE, which aired on Thursday, Reinoehl described the killing as something that he had to do because he feared that Danielson would have killed a “friend of color.”

“I mean, I, I had a choice. I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color, but I wasn’t going to do that.”

Reinoehl, who was on the scene with another man that deadly evening, stated that he firmly believed the shooting was justified.

“I am confident that my friend and I’m sure I would have been killed because I wasn’t going to stand there and let something happen,” Reinoehl told VICE.

“I realized what had happened. I was confident that I did not hit anyone innocent. And I made my exit.”

Mr. Reinoehl was cited for having a loaded gun in public in July, but that charge was later dropped.

Reinoehl, who had described himself as “100% Antifa,” told his VICE interviewer that he was being “hunted.”

“They’re out hunting me,” Reinoehl explained. “There’s nightly posts of the hunt and where they’re going to be hunting. They made a post saying the deer are going to feel lucky this year because it’s open season on Michael right now.”

Reinoehl was 48 years old.