Here Come the Feds: Vice News Interview Results with Death of Shooter, Trump Tweet and end of Lenient Charges for Antifa

Posted by on September 4, 2020 3:03 pm

We have been on this story since it started as a vehicle parade through Portland to show support for President Donald J. Trump, to following the foot chase of Joey Gibson, to the shooting death of a man for being a Trump supporter, to the eye witness account of the man who was with Aaron “Jay” Danielson the man who was fatally shot, to the odd Vice News interview and confession of the shooter, and now the death of the suspect, Michael Reinhold.

The eyewittness to the death had been on the Tucker Carlson show, Thursday night and said that he did not have an altercation with Reinhold, who was expected to make a case of self defense in a Vice New video later in the evening:

We reported that Daily mail UK had posted, Thursday, that the US Pentagon was indeed investigating the suspect Reinhold and had confirmed Reinhold was not a military veteran, so some people did know he was being apprehended.

President Donald J. Tweeted Thursday night about the strange interview on Vice News and odd behavior of the lawmakers in the area that a man who confessed to killing someone execution style had not been arrested:

Questions surround the motives for Vice News to have aired an interview of Reinhold, who had confessed to the murder, and was seemingly not being apprehended. Reporters questioned whether Vice had intended on leading law enforcement to Reinhold or trying to run cover for the system of justice in Portland that has taken a total sidetrack from the US Justice system, with left leading local governments, District attorney, and Mayor, who have given cover to violent domestic uprisings over the past three months.

Back in Portland Antifa members mourned and demonstrated on the news of the death:

Andy Ngo, a ocal independent reporter who has covered Antifa for years, reported on the reaction in Portland to the death of Reinhold and said,”What’s disturbing to me is the message that calls Reinoehl the “best ally ever.” Not only do antifa not rebuke his murderous actions, they praise it over & over. Antifa also put up a poster nearby featuring quotes from convicted murderer & fugitive Assata Shakur.”

The VICE News interview was a bold confession and veiled threats of “Civil War”:

Reinhold had described himself as a protector for Black Lives Matter and an Army Veteran.

The interviewer, Donovan Farley, had a definite bias toward Antifa:

While Trump and the Republicans around the country try to find ways to stop the violent rioting, looting and domestic uprisings around the country,in mostly in Democrat-held states, the Democrats are refusing to help. Republicans have introduced bills in both the House and Senate to deter rioting, they have denounced violence at every turn, and the Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi have resisted those efforts calling Trump names and protecting the criminals.

The public was made aware of the violent tendencies of the mob when Senators, Congressmen and dignitaries were attacked in the street while exiting the White House, after the last night of the RNC Convention.

The left has been so lenient on attacks against Americans that Liberal mayor of DC has allowed a group to even advertise that they are going to lay “Siege” to the White House, in the Nation’s Capitol, starting in mid September all the way through to the Election.

We expect that this story is not over yet, but it appears that Trump, his administration and the Federal Law Enforcement has started to take control of the situation in Portland.

Andy Ngo who has been chronicling the arrests and release of Antifa members in Portland posted that rioters and criminals were now being brought up on Federal charges, confirming the shift in enforcement.

The debate is ongoing whether Antifa is a “Domestic Terrorist” Organization.

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