Close to 700 American Veterans Issued Open Letter Affirming Support for President Donald Trump

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Close to 700 American veterans have issued an open letter affirming their support of President Donald Trump in opposition to establishment media attacks weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

Earlier this week, The Atlantic “journalist” for lack of a better description, Jeffrey Goldberg published a narrative where he cited anonymous sources (which these days means they don’t exist), claiming that Trump didn’t want to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery at the site of Battle of Belleau Wood back in 2018. The story, citing the anonymous sources, claims Trump called the cemetery “filled with losers” and referred to fallen soldiers who died at Belleau Wood as “suckers.”

Anyone who has seen the reverence President Trump gives to all veterans knew this was a hit piece by a leftist hack from a leftist hack publication.

Trump salutes two Marines

Here’s an excerpt:

“Recent baseless media attacks against President Trump from anonymous sources are just another example of
the depths to which the President’s opponents are willing to descend to divide the nation and meddle in this
election. Anyone who knows President Trump has seen his love and reverence for our military and veterans.
That is why we, veterans from every generation, are writing today to reaffirm our support for President

We heard these same attacks in 2018 immediately following the President’s trip to Paris, and they are just as fake now as they were then. The false allegations center on the President’s canceled trip to a military cemetery, which has been proven to be a “bad weather call” made for safety and security reasons. This has been proven by internal White House emails from the time, as well as by documents from the U.S. Navy, which clearly described weather as the reason for the cancellation. While the media relied on four anonymous individuals to manufacture the story, many more current and former White House officials have stepped forward and, on the record, refuted these baseless allegations. These on-the-record voices include the Secret Service agent in charge of the President’s detail and John Bolton – a vocal critic of the President – who described the “bad weather call” in his book and now says he did not hear the President say the things being attributed to him. No one should take this story seriously.

Throughout his administration, President Trump has consistently stood by our men and women in uniform and cared for them once they have returned to civilian life. From groundbreaking legislation that provides veterans with real and permanent health care choice, to the largest-ever investment in the United States military, to his firm commitment to preventing endless wars and bringing troops home, President Trump has demonstrated his unwavering support for America’s service members time and time again. Moreover, he has spent countless hours as president visiting battlefields and cemeteries, honoring Gold Star families and comforting them in their grief, and praising wounded warriors and honoring their sacrifice.”

The veterans condemn Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s record on military and veterans issues, writing “the Mainstream Media hurled this baseless attack against President Trump because they know Joe Biden’s record simply does not stand up to scrutiny, and they seek to distract the American people from that fact.”

God Bless these veterans who still fight for the American way, because Goldberg certainly does not.  It is despicable how the leftist news media has treated this president since the day he announced he was running.  And it is relentless.

Trump with troops during surprise visit to Iraq

The veterans continue:

“Under the Obama-Biden Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs was a disaster and our military was decimated. Today, Joe Biden is running on a radical left-wing agenda that would further weaken America’s security and standing in the world. Joe Biden’s friends in the media know he does not deserve the support of our nation’s service members, so they have fabricated a total lie in a desperate attempt to attack their opponent.

The American people have learned to discount lies spewed by anonymous sources and paraded around by a biased media bent on destroying the President. President Trump’s tireless efforts to strengthen and support the military community are a part of his indisputable record. He has done more for our nation’s service members and veterans than any previous administration. The veteran community firmly rejects these lies from the mainstream media, and we stand by our Commander-in-Chief, now, and on Election Day.”

You can read the full letter HERE

Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, have called The Atlantic story untrue, along with a number of White House officials who were on the trip, including Jordan Karem, Stephen Miller, Johnny DeStefano, Sarah Sanders, Hogan Gidley, Dan Scavino, and John Bolton.  You can just feel it in your bones that liberal hacks are reaching out to Bolton now to get him to say something negative about Trump.

“It was a totally fake story, and that was confirmed by many people who were actually there,” Trump said.

This story was concocted as Trump promised to bring thousands of American troops home from Afghanistan.  The leftist hate Trump just because, and the Never Trump RINOs hate him because he’s not a war machine, which is how they believe America should dole out its foreign policy, with war and costs to our treasures of American lives and taxpayer dollars.

Unlike Trump, who has been against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Biden has supported a long list of foreign interventions by the US that have sent American troops abroad with no timeline of when they will come home.

Former President George W. Bush led the US into war in Afghanistan and Iraq, with more than 4,500 Americans dying in Iraq, including more than 3,500 killed in combat, and as much as 205,000 Iraqi citizens dying in the conflict since March 2003.

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