Cops Defend Pro-Life Painting of ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ Outside Baltimore Planned Parenthood

Posted by on September 5, 2020 6:03 pm

Students for Life of America is at it again – and they aren’t stopping anytime soon.

At 5:00am, students and staff gathered to paint “black preborn lives matter” directly outside of a Baltimore Planned Parenthood, covering the immediate view of N Howard St. Also in participation was The Frederick Douglass Foundation, Pro-Black Pro-Life, Relationships Matter, Human Coalition Action, The Restoration Project: Human Coalition, and Created Equal.

Last month, two Students for Life volunteers were arrested for doing the same thing outside of a Planned Parenthood establishment in Washington D.C.

However, the police in Baltimore presented themselves much more in line with “protect and serve.” Upon arrival, police simply found the supervisor for information on the event. No arrests were made and no students were told to stop. Safety, security, and the assurance of the advocates’ First Amendment rights were provided by the Baltimore police.

In fact, some of the officers were given t-shirts with “black preborn lives matter” printed on them.

Kevin Feliciano/Students for Life of America

The courage of these activists should be noted, considering the wave of aggressive riots seen in cities like Baltimore recently.

Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Kristi Hamrick said that the purpose of the message was to demand equal expression rights that are often oppressed towards pro-life movements. “If one message can be painted in the streets, all messages should be allowed to be painted in the streets.”

Seen below are pro-life activists who share their testimonies and inspiration for why abortion must end:

Hopefully, this event develops the conversation about how black lives are disproportionately lost to abortion in comparison to other races. Planned Parenthood facilities and other abortion providers are conveniently located in low-income communities, which gives Planned Parenthood a platform to say “we want to provide low-cost healthcare for low-income families.” However, when healthcare equals death, it’s hardly healthcare but it does make good money.

Kevin Feliciano/Students for Life of America

A segment from a Students for Life press release reads:

“Though only 13 percent of the female population, African American women make up 38 percent of all reported abortions. Perhaps that is because 4 out of 5 Planned Parenthood vendors are within walking distance of minority-dense neighborhoods, according to a Supreme Court amicus brief.”

Students for Life president Kristan Hawkins elaborated on the disproportionate loss of life:

“We are working to confront Planned Parenthood’s racist past and present, and organizing for a different future. The nation’s number one abortion vendor operates their business in such a way that minority lives are lost in far greater proportions. Consider that the abortion industry think tank established by Planned Parenthood, the Guttmacher Institute, notes ‘the abortion rate for black women is almost five times that for white women.’ Margaret Sanger’s racist legacy must come to an end as we defund Planned Parenthood to invest in real healthcare that save lives, not ends lives.” 

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