Trump was Right, Antifa in Black Bloc March in NYC, Call for end of America, Independent Journalists on Front Lines

Posted by on September 5, 2020 6:03 pm

An independent journalist was on the ground with Antifa, covering a march through New York City and recorded scenes that prove President Donald J. Trump is correct in his assessment of the group that they are ‘anarchists”, and when he told Laura Ingraham stories of traveling “thugs” dressed in all black (black bloc).

Independent Journalists are doing more to serve the country and bring real news than all of the networks put together by exposing what is unfolding to look like well organized and funded domestic terrorism.

Black Bloc is defined in general as, “A black bloc is a tactic used by protesters who wear black clothing, ski masks, scarves, sunglasses, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items.”

Seen in this video footage from Portland Oregon, independent journalist Andy Ngo show a recent example of Antifa in “Black Bloc”.

Antifa are a group who use Black Bloc, according to, ” Black blocs are “ad hoc assemblages of individuals or affinity groups that last for the duration of a march or rally” in which members retain their anonymity via head-to-toe black clothing. While there may be uses of force, “more often than not they are content to protest peacefully” with the main objective being to “embody within a demonstration a radical critique of the economic and political system.” A black bloc can be one person or thousands. It should be noted the black bloc isn’t a group, but rather a tactic to allow for radicals to engage in direct action without fear of arrest; while many black blockers are anarchist, not all of them are.”

A group of Antifa dressed in Black, using Black Bloc tactics, are captured on video carrying signs that read, “Death to America” while they chanted, “every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground”, in the Chinatown district of New York City.

Some researchers of the Black Bloc Tactic believe The American wing known as ANTIFA’s use of Black Bloc, goes back to 1967 when the group Black Mask marched on Wall Street in NYC wearing black clothes & balaclavas, and further evolved in West Germany during the 1980s.


The journalist who was covering them was attacked, yet he continued with his footage. He reported on the march into the evening.

Some members of the group started a Dumpster fire, as some point. Police are seen on the video at the scene. The Journalist reported that people were stopping to take photos of themselves in front of damaged Bank machines, unafraid of the consequences.

On this video police are clearly overheard telling people to disperse or face charges, while some people are fleeing, others are defiant and some get arrested, claiming they don’t know why they are being arrested.

The New York Times claims that Trump is a “Conspiracy theorist” for talking about these issues that face Americans and that are captured on film by independent journalists.

In the Laura Ingraham interview, President Trump said a plane of black-clad thugs flew to DC to do damage. In Kenosha, AG Barr said of the 150 arrested, 106 came from out of state.


The left mocks Trump for this interview, but clearly they are not investigating his claims by looking at any Independent Journalists.

These are reports by more independent journalists that show that the Black Bloc/Antifa do have the means to travel and they do travel from town to town, as sort of a lifestyle.

Trump described this lifestyle, on Friday, as a “sickness”.

Antifa is hiding in plain sight. According to their website, “Rose City Antifa (RCA) was founded in Portland, Oregon in October of 2007. RCA was formed after a coalition of local people and organizations formed the ‘Ad-Hoc Coalition Against Racism and Fascism’ in order to shut down a neo-Nazi skinhead festival called Hammerfest. RCA continues the work of that Ad-Hoc Coalition and countless others who have worked to oppose racial prejudice, bigotry and fascism in our communities in Portland, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest more broadly.

Rose City Antifa opposes fascist organizing through direct action, education, and through solidarity with leftist spaces, activists, and organizations.”

And what they oppose is an organized group of people called “Americans”.

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