VIDEO: Outdoor Diners in Rochester NY Attacked and Tables Turned over by BLM, Sounds Like War Zone, Mayor Flamed the Hatred

Posted by on September 5, 2020 3:03 pm

Friday night Patrons, outside enjoying what remains of social life in New York state during historic restrictions on restaurants to keep diners distanced, were terrorized by a large violent group of Black Lives Matters activists who invaded dining areas a harassed people, while screaming and yelling and turning over tables.

The members of BLM were shouting, “Shut it down”, “If we don’t get what we want, we are going to shut it down”, and chased patrons out of their dining area, into the street.

Earlier in the afternoon groups had gathered in a park on a beautiful sunny day.

Things turned violent and ended up sounding like a war zone, with community organizers directing their formations to battle hard with law enforcement, charging people forward thru sprays of Pepper Balls and Tear Gas.

In the video is seen as the reporter on the ground described it, “the protesters in Rochester NY are “shutting down restaurants”, tables are broken, people running off scared.”

The same reporter caught on film the tear gas that had to be deployed to break up the riot. Tear Gas fills the streets, sending rioters off, clearing the street.

Another view of the Police using tactics to break up the BLM formations. Police are seen forming a line with their shields up, clearing the area.


Pepper Balls where shot into the crowd as the event was declared an “Illegal assembly” overheard is a community organizing directing people to use shields and pass shields forward to the assembly. The Police are overheard in the background telling people to disperse of face disorderly conduct charges, and activists directing the crowds to stand their ground, “We have nothing to lose but our time”, says one organizer. People are coughing, yelling, and organizing their formations.

Other activists captured mobs in residential areas attacking people in their neighborhoods. With people seen on rooftops. It is unclear if those are “Peaceful BLM protestors” or homeowners.

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren turned to her podium to incite violence in her activist community when 7 officers in Rochester, were suspended in case of the death of #DanielPrude. “I understand the union may sue me for taking these officers off our streets,” Mayor Lovely Warren said on Thursday. “They should feel free to do so.”



The same Democrat Mayor who stirred the flames of hatred for her city in this dramatic rendering of critical race theory teachings where the far-left radical Democrat politician said some protestors made the “Pathways to change to begin with us as a city, to remember that we are built on a foundation of slavery” and called people together to “collectively fight” against the total racism of America from her city:

Thursday night tensions had risen in the city laying the foundation for Friday night. Seen in this video is a group of Black BLM members with their group’s flag, surrounding a White bicyclist with a helmet on, who is isolated. One Black man throws a cup full of an unknown liquid in the man’s face, while a Black mob screams and yells. Another man hits the White man, as he abandons his bike and a scuffle breaks out. The man goes back to get his bike, and slowly walks away while the mob push and shoves him. Telling him to leave and screaming at him to get out of the area.

Activists are not allowed near the Mayor’s press conferences however, as activists were arrested for attempting to speak peacefully with her about their feelings:

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