Brandon Straka Attacked At WalkAway Event By BLM Protesters in Dallas, talks to David Harris Jr About What Happened [VIDEO]

Posted by on September 6, 2020 3:03 pm

Brandon Straka, the creator of the WalkAway movement, was attacked on Saturday after a WalkAway rally in Dallas, Texas.

A rally in downtown Dallas in opposition to what supporters called the “violence and hypocrisy” of the American radical Left erupted in chaos Saturday when a mob of Marxists and ANTIFA types got into it with event security and others, with a number of people briefly detained by Dallas police.

The “Walk Away Rescue America” rally was sponsored by the WalkAway Foundation, a group founded by former New York City hairstylist Brandon Straka, a self-described onetime liberal who earned fame in conservative circles after posting a video on YouTube explaining why he had abandoned the leftist ideology.

“Who’s ready to walk away from the radical left today?” Straka said to  a crowd of about 250 cheering people at Klyde Warren Park.  Some in the crowd were holding up American flags or wearing t-shirts in support of President Donald Trump.  Straka then told the looters and rioters that their time is up.  “We’re here to let you know that your summer of rage has come to an end,” he said.

After the event Straka and his people went down to the police station to find out why police arrested the security guy who protected Straka and other speakers during the event.   It was there, right outside the police station, right before Straka was about to go live with a news crew that happened to be there, when a bunch of BLM guys were there as well.  Straka was about to explain what happened, when the BLM guys and other thugs surrounded Brandon and his people, and they chased them down the street.

In video provided, you see them being attacked while walking away from the police station, being accosted by thugs wearing black clothing and balaclavas and masks that would normally peg them as being with the terrorist group ANTIFA.  These were the shock troops of the Democratic Party, not unlike Hitler’s Brownshirts and Mussolini’s Blackshirts.  All throughout socialist history, the movements use shock troops to attack and demoralize the society, their goal to make ordinary citizens.

Brandon posted video of the attacks on Twitter.

“This was the most terrifying moment of my life. My team &I went to the police to check on detained security agent. 30-40 BLM began throwing bottles at us & chasing us. They stole my employee’s phone &smashed it. We had to run for 4-5 blocks. All Dallas news stations were there.”


David Harris Jr replied in his defense.

“I had just spoke at and left this rally…. so glad my friends are safe! But this must stop @GovAbbott!!!”

Here is audio of a phone call between David Harris Jr and Brandon Straka right after the attacks.   Brandon revealed some very interesting things about a relationship between one of the Black Lives Matter members being detained by police and the Dallas police chief Renee Hall.


Straka posted a six-minute video on YouTube explaining why he was leaving the Democratic Party and giving up the ideology of the Left, pointing out that the Left no longer stands for the principles that made him become a liberal.  I believe that’s because the Democrats are no longer liberal, rather, they are now full blown leftist Marxists.  Liberals and conservatives can get along, because they share common goals.  Neither shares the goals of leftists who want to destroy America and replace it with a socialist utopia.

Some within the crowd, like Richard Sutterfield of Arlington, said they’d been won over by Straka’s message and a belief that tolerance would win over animosity.

“Brandon is amazing,” Sutterfield said. “I believe we can accept each other. Our love for freedom is what unites us.”

The Left today has no love for anyone who doesn’t share their ideology.

Teri Masters of Dallas said she was disheartened by the looting, rioting and destruction of cities nationwide.

“It’s time for the violence to stop,” said Teri Masters of Dallas.  “Innocent people are getting hurt.”

 Straka told the crowd that neighborhoods had been burned and small businesses destroyed because of the actions of the radical left, which he said in turn had unfairly demonized the right.  He would know this, because he lived it, and discovered it for himself.  That’s what the whole WalkAway is all about.

“They want you to believe we’re a bunch of racists and homophobes,” he said. “But I’m looking out and seeing Black faces here. I’m seeing Hispanic faces here.”  It’s true.  While the Left defines everything by race, conservatives truly have people from all walks of life.

That sentiment was echoed by our own David Harris Jr., author of the book Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent: One Man’s Battle as a Black Conservative.

“How many of you are tired of the lies?” he said. “You are the resistance to their lies. You defy everything they say about Donald Trump. We’ve got God on our side. We’ve got truth on our side.”

Harris was followed by political commentator and YouTuber Blaire White, 26, who called the upcoming election “the most consequential election of my lifetime,” defining the choice as “between white guilt or equality, between draconian lock-downs or freedom.”  Not that it matters to conservatives, but it certainly does to leftists, Blaire White is a transgender that has millions of conservatives tune in to watch her YouTube channel.  LGBT groups constantly say conservatives hate gay and transgender Americans.  I think today the Left killed that narrative.

“A lot of people are confused about who’s become the more tolerant, accepting side,” she said. “It’s this side.”

In the meantime, a handful of the mob gathered around the outskirts of the crowd, some holding Black Lives Matter signs and engaging in civil, if heated, discussions with rally goers. Arguments were made and hands were shaken, even if no minds had been changed.

Earlier, Straka had said that Walk Away events had never broken out into violence, “and we want to keep it that way.” Unfortunately, the Left doesn’t feel the same way.

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