Harris advocates for less police presence in black neighborhoods

Posted by on September 6, 2020 9:03 pm

Kamala Harris went after President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr today after the two said that there is no systematic racism problem in the Judicial System, Fox reports

She said that they are “living in a different reality” and that there are “two systems of justice in America.” Her comments couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only has President Trump worked hard for the American people- all American people, but there also isn’t a justice problem in this country. 

Except for the one the Democrats daily try to create.

There is this huge outcry that black people are being gunned down in the streets innocently by white police officers, but this truly is a false narrative spread by the left. There are plenty of people all over the world being murdered by one another every day but you don’t hear about those. The left and the media are strangely silent on black on white murders and black on white murders of police officers. 

Why? Because as the left and mainstream media have shown us, they don’t really care about justice or the actual people who are dying. What they really care about is spreading evil, hatred, and doing everything they can to keep Trump from taking a second term.

When Harris went after Trump and Barr she said that she is advocating for less police presence in black neighborhoods. She may think that she’s protecting black communities by trying to lessen the police presence, but all that she’s doing is encouraging more violence. Before dropping my minor in criminal justice in college, I learned about something called the Broken Windows Theory. In essence, this theory says that the worse communities and neighborhoods look, the quicker crime will spread. When criminals see broken windows, boarded-up buildings, and vandalism, it encourages them to continue. Why? Because it shows that no one in the community cares or is willing to do anything to end the violence or make it a better, safer place to live.

Getting rid of the police goes hand in hand with this. By removing them from these neighborhoods, innocent men, women, and children, are going to be victimized as crime skyrockets. Not simply because it’s a black community, but because criminals of any skin color are going to feel empowered to be violent since there would be no one to stop them. 

What really gets me going about this anti-police push from the Democrats is that they’re protecting the wrong people. Let’s take Jacob Blake, for example. The Democrats revolted when he was shot and spread lies that he was shot by police simply for breaking up a fight.

Fake. News.

Blake was shot when resisting arrest for raping a young girl. Let that sink it. Democrats are defending a rapist and the #Metoo movement is silent. Who is advocating for the poor girl that was his victim? No one. Because the Democrats pick and choose who to care about and who to advocate for. If it doesn’t fit their agenda, they stay silent. It’s no surprise that they would choose to scream about Blake over his victim since they’re currently trying to get pedophilia legalized.

And besides, a story about a cop shooting a black guy is guaranteed to get more views. Even if the cop was doing his job and protecting the public. Skin color doesn’t matter, sin, and breaking the law do. 

Democrats don’t care about true justice. Harris says that there are two justice systems in America because she and her fellow democrats try to create a need for them. If they really wanted true unity and justice, they would stop the looting, listen to the police, and stop defending criminals.

Police represent true justice, but Harris and her followers will do anything they can to destroy them. Even if it means innocent people are hurt or killed along the way.

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