VIDEO: As Biden Loses Support in PA, BLM Goes on Attack Targeting White People in Pittsburgh

Posted by on September 7, 2020 9:03 pm

Shocking video footage was posted on Social Media showing members of Black Lives Matter attacking a group of outdoor patrons at a restaurant in Pittsburgh at the same time polls shows that Democrat hopeful, Democrat Joe Biden is free-falling in polls.

Local Pitt news reported about the videos,”Pittsburgh police are investigating after two viral videos showed protesters clashing with the public at a downtown protest Saturday. One video shows a demonstrator nudge a man, who is carrying a bike, in the head. The man turns around and slaps the megaphone. The man is then slapped in the back of the head.

The second video shows demonstrators yelling at patrons of a restaurant, calling them an embarrassment among other things. Some customers grabbed their belongings and walked away.”

The attacks on white people, dining in Pittsburgh on Sunday happens after President Donald J. Trump had a triumphant rally in early September in Pennsylvania:

According to the Washington Examiner, in their article Dead heat: Trump erases Biden’s 8-point lead in Pennsylvania as black voters abandon Democrat, they report Biden has had a huge fall.

“Former Vice President Joe Biden, who calls himself “a kid from Scranton,” has lost his wide lead over President Trump in his native Pennsylvania, where the 2020 presidential race is a dead heat. The latest Rasmussen Reports poll showed that both are tied at 46%. And, significantly, said the poll analysis, among the 82% of voters who said that they are “certain” how they will vote, Trump holds a 51%-49% advantage,” Paul Bedard reported. 

Biden had been running on “Trump’s racism” in PA: 

After 15 weeks of protests and uprisings, Community Organizers were unable to move the needle away from Trump. Apparently civil uprisings are not working:

Uprisings, like the ones on the video footage that led to investigations, have not gotten violent in the Pittsburg area this weekend, like these on Sunday while Black Lives Matter members are overheard and seen attacking patrons of an outdoor eatery. 

Seen below is a Black Lives Matter member with a bullhorn is screaming something at the entrance of the eating space, and another man has entered the easting space and is mere feet from some people who are eating, saying “F–k White People, and the system you built that hurts my people,” and another women goes up to the table where an older couple is easting and steals their drink. 


Democrat Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden was in Pennsylvania on Monday, after an appearance last week;

Biden’s meeting with local Labor leaders, Monday in Lancaster, PA. “I can’t understand what’s going on today. I’m lost,” said Bob Faust, an Ironworkers member. “I get choked up when I think about the direction this country’s going in at this time. We need your help.”

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