Brennan interviewed in VA had Secret Operation at Langley, Did Clinesmtih Roll? Is Durham Reporting Coming Soon?

Posted by on September 8, 2020 6:03 pm

A DC reporter has confirmed a long stand story that the former director of the CIA, a Communist supporting and appointee of former President Barack H. Obama, had a secret and separate funded operation to spy on Americans, so he could frame a political candidate and duly elected President of the United States of America, out of Langley, the CIA base, in Virginia.

“DEVELOPING: Investigators have learned that Obama CIA Director John Brennan ran a secret task force out of Langley with its own separate budget to investigate Trump campaign and alleged ties to Russia. Taskforce set up before FBI officially launched its own probe on 07/31/16,” Paul Sperry wrote.

There was speculation about why Brennan was interviewed in Virginia and not in DC earlier, for a probe that many believed would expose Brennan’s involvement in Crossfire Hurricane.

Some people believe it was because he was “off the hook” from the DC investigation. Some thought it was a perjury trap.

John Brennan could be in trouble. Could be. It all depends on the long awaited Durham report, which may or may not be released sometime.

The story it’self isn’t new. It is a well established fact that Brennan did the deed. People knew about the secret op out of Langley for a while. Adam Housley, and others had reported on some of the details.

But what is interesting is that the story resurfaces again after Brennan was interviewed by the FBI in August, in Virginia, instead of DC and after the arrest of Kevin Clinesmith. Clinesmith was also interviewed at Langley.

Kevin Clinesmith was a member of the FBI Office of General Counsel, assigned to the National Security and Cyberlaw Branch.  Clinesmith was assigned by the FBI as the primary “legal advisor” to “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” (CH).

He pled guilty to a single count “Information” charging him with having “made or used a false writing” in connection with a federal investigation.

On June 19, 2017, Clinesmith altered the wording of an email received by him from another intelligence agency and then forwarded the altered email to a “Supervisory Special Agent” (SSA) of the FBI. The changes made by Clinesmith resulted in the SSA’s mistaken belief regarding Carter Page’s status with that other agency, and as a result, the SSA’s affidavit to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was inaccurate due to Clinesmith’s alteration.

Was the “other agency” from John Brennan?

Brennan is a vocal and almost desperate, hysterical opponent of President Donald J. Trump, turning to his Twitter to post the most vicious verbal assaults against the American people, showing his disdain for Republicans and supporters of Trump’s.

Here is a recent example:

Carter Page, the focus of the FISA warren at the center of this whole sorted affair.. has noted it is the end of the summer now.

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