Brutal VIDEO: Uncovered Parody Shows Trump Firing Obama in 2012 over lack of ‘America First’ Actions

Posted by on September 8, 2020 12:03 am

In 2013 Breitbart News reported on a never-aired “Apprentice” parody of President Donald J. Trump, then a host of a highly popular show, firing former President Barck Obama and laying out what would four years later be Trump’s popular “America First” agenda.

The video was re-circulated on Social Media Monday getting attention alongside Trump’s Comments about the Obama administration getting caught for spying on Trump’s campaign with discussion on whether this video is what set Obama on a track for seeking revenge against Trump.

There was typical gossip and unsourced comments from the left about the parody, proving that it was sure to be a stinging rubuke to the left, over their favored candidate.

In this video, a group called the Birther Report found the parady the RNC had made for the Republican convention, but did not run.

“It says that you never ran a business, never balance your own budget, your golf swing is good, but recently you said the private sector was growing but they are not growing, you promised hope and change, but you delivered nothing. You are a really good speaker but talk is cheap, but talk is cheap. Frankly, it makes us wonder if we can trust you-, you were were right there is a change, there are fewer people working. You have run up as much debt as much all other presidents before you and you have jammed a convoluted health system down our throat’s and you want four more pears, the bottom line is we want results. China is laughing at us, OPEC driving energy prices through the root, and the American people want results, President Obama you are fired,” Trump said.


On Monday Trump had a press conference, and talked about one of the numerous scandals to come out of the Obama administration.

“They spied on my campaign and if they were Republicans they would have been in prison for 50 years for Treason, they spied on my campaign to try to defeat me, written up a fake dossier, and used it illegally with the FISA court. Sleepy Joe and Obama were spying on my campaign and they got caught. They would have been a prison in Treason, they paid millions of dollars to create a fake Dossier to use illegally against me. It started with Obama, if it were me no one would leave me alone if I did this. We have Republicans who won’t fight. Our policies are great, but the Democrats are dirty fighters. Obama spied on me. Let’s wait until the Durham report and see what happens,” Trump said.


The parody video is ironic, considering that Trump is running against Obama’s partner, former Vice President Joe Biden, on the exact same platform he described in the parody video.

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